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The Chemistry Department at Evergreen Valley College consists of a group of dedicated and caring Chemistry instructors.   They will provide you with the necessary tools you need to succeed in your future educational and professional goals.  Our faculty will teach you not only the theoretical aspects of chemistry but also very valuable laboratory practical experiences in the areas of wet chemistry, hands-on laboratory instrumentation, computer applications, and green chemistry.  Our courses are transferable to many CSU and UC campuses and will prepare you to pursue degrees in engineering, pharmacy, medical and dental school degrees, as well as degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.​

Course Descriptions (links to information from the College Catalog)

Degrees and Certificates


Dr. Antoi​nette Herrera

Dean, Math, Science and Engineering

Vera Nazarov
Sr.  Division Ad​ministrative Assistant

(408) 270-6490
MS3 Building - SA 212​


Bonnie Brown
SA 268   x6870

Preeti Srinivasan
SA 274   x6578

José Valentín
SA 218   x6580 


Van Duong, Laboratory Tech
SA 135   x6594

Vu Tran,
Laboratory Tech
SA 233   x6649

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