Computer Information Technology (CIT)

​​​It is the lifeblood of Silicon Valley, the fuel for our local economy, and the guiding force that drives the high-tech workplace. Over these last few decades, computer and information technologies have revolutionized the way society operates an​d interacts.  ​

Here in the South Bay, our creativity and innovation have made us the vanguard of the global tech community. To support that creativity and vision we need trained and talented:

    • Developers
    • Analysts
    • Administrators
    • Technicians
    • Support specialists

And a variety of other professionals to help our region remain the leader in global technology.

EVC offers an ideal entry into the world of Computer and Information Technology training with a full complement of CSU transferrable and Associate degree applicable courses to get you grounded and operational in the ever-changing world of high-tech.

    • You'll begin with an introduction to database and information systems
    • Then move onto hardware and software, computer programming, and software engineering 
    • And then onto more advanced studies and hands-on work with web design, javascript, perl, and UNIX/Linux operating systems. 
    • As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor's Occupational Handbook, 2012 median pay for Computer Support Specialists was $48,900 per year, equating to $23.51 per hour.  
    • The projected growth rate for Computer Support Specialists through 2022 was 17 percent faster than the average. 
    • For Web Developers, who design and create the overall look, and are also responsible for the site's technical aspects, the 2012 median pay for 2012 was $62,500 per year or $30.05 per hour. Job growth for Web Developers was predicted at 20 per cent faster than average. ​​​

Course Descriptions (links to information from the College Catalog)

Contact Info:

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Dean, Business and Workforce Dev​elopment​

Kim Steele
Sr. Administrative Assistant
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Library Building, Room LE- 220​​​

Loc Lam
Full-time Faculty

Lucia Lawson
Adjunct Faculty

Cecil Lawson
Adjunct Faculty

John Powell
Adjunct Faculty
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