"Dance has the power to communicate and evoke responses.  It provides a means for self-expression and enables the participants and viewers to feel and experience the joy of moving" 

The Dance Department at Evergreen College is thriving. As you cross campus and enter the latest and greatest Visual Performing Arts building, you will hear music, laughter and joy humming throughout the building and studio.  Students register for dance classes not only to grow and learn the artistry of dance, but also to foster wellness, creativity, expression and communication into movement.  Classes are offered to support General Education requirements as well as elective and lifelong learning courses.

The purpose of our Program is to bring students from various backgrounds and cultures together in the spirit of dance, movement and overall health.  Dance is an art, as well as a form of exercise, so we encourage overall wellness in our classes.  We strive to educate the student in the field of dance in both theory and practical studio work.  Whether in a lecture setting or activity class, students learn to discover dance through group work, presentations and performances.  Classes are offered in a variety of levels, including fundamentals, beginning, intermediate and high intermediate. 

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Evergreen Dance: Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically compare various dance genres on the basis of movement, historic context, and as an expression of self and culture.
  2. Apply proper posture, alignment, foundation, vocabulary and performance quality to a variety of dance techniques
  3. Demonstrate effective communication, behavior and teamwork necessary for artistic collaboration and group work within a population of varied backgrounds.
  4. Create and perform original dance choreography using the principles of composition in class or for a live public performance.
  5. Demonstrate proper dance vocabulary and theatre etiquette as a student, performer or audience member.​

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