​Economics provides us with the quantitative and analytic tools to evaluate and predict the market forces and governmental policies that directly affect our lives.  At EVC, we offer three courses in the basic essentials of economics covering macro, micro, and global topic areas.

You'll learn how government decisions play an integral role in affecting interest rates, monetary supply, taxes, production of goods, and the international interdependence of the world-wide economy.  

On the microeconomics side, you'll study classic marketplace factors — the interplay between corporate strategies and decisions and their effect on pricing, positioning, competition, supply and demand, costs, resource allocations and production amounts, as well as some modern concerns dealing with consumer protection, government regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and energy consumption.

While the career choices for economics majors are varied and extensive, economists account for some of the highest paying jobs in Silicon Valley, particularly those who work in scientific research and development services.​

ECON-010A - Principles of Macroeconomic Theory

This course explain​s the forces affecting national economies: variations in money and credit, income, output, productivity, employment, prices and inflation. Econ 10A examines monetary and fiscal theories, explains the role the government plays in the U.S. and other national economies as a result of monetary and fiscal policies and through the exercise of its regulatory powers. The course also provides an overview of how changes in inflation rates, interest rates, and the international value of the dollar reflect variations in the economy. This course provides an overview of the effects the government has upon businesses and households as a result of its taxation and spending policies.

Units: 3

Lecture Hours: 3 |  Lab Hours: None |  Repeatable: No |  Grading: L

Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math: 2

Transfer Status: CSU/UC |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS

ECON-010B - Introduction to Microeconomic Theory

Microeconomics focuses on economic behavior of individual economic units such as consumers, firms, and resource owners. It examines the market system as a means of solving the problems in the production and distribution of goods and services in a society. An analysis of the effectiveness of the price system in providing the society with an equitable distribution of goods, services and income is featured. It explores some of the more urgent micro-economic problems such as monopoly power of big business and big unions, government regulations and consumer protection, the energy crisis, taxes and welfare.

Units: 3

Lecture Hours: 3 |  Lab Hours: 0 |  Repeatable: No |  Grading: L

Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math: 0

Transfer Status: CSU/UC |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS

ECON-012 - Introduction to Global Economics

This Introduction to Global Economics course will be a cornerstone and foundational component for students pursuing degrees in International Business, and an invaluable supplement for those in other areas of business or economics. With the diverse student body of EVC, rich with first- and second-generation residents, this Global Economics course and the language/cultural skills and connections of the students will broaden their ambitions. This course will catalyze their academic and career success.

Units: 3

Lecture Hours: 3 |  Lab Hours: None |  Repeatable: No |  Grading: L

Prerequisite: Math 013 with C or better

Recommended: ECON 010A or ECON 010B, prior or concurrent enrollment.

Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math: 0

Transfer Status: CSU/UC |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS

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