​Engineering, Surveying & Geomatics​


​The engineering program at Evergreen Valley College offers an AS and AA degrees in engineering. Students also have the opportunity to transfer to any four year university to continue with their education for a Bachelor's in any field of engineering. The AS/AA degrees include a comprehensive course offering appropriate for the first two years of engineering curriculum. This program offers a well equipped lab facilities to enhance subjects discussed in class.

Engineering Courses Offered:

1. Engr. 001   (Technology and Society)

2. Engr. 010   (Engineering Processes and Tools)

3. Engr. 018   (Engineering Design and Graphics)

4. Engr. 050   (Introduction to Computing)

5. Engr. 060   (Surveying)

6. Engr. 061   (Plane Surveying)

7. Engr. 063   (Geographic Information System)

8. Engr. 066   (Properties of Materials)

9. Engr. 069   (Statics)

10.Engr.071   (Circuit Analysis)​

Surveying & Geomatics:

The Surveying and Geomatics program at Evergreen Valley College is a comprehensive hands-on program for those who are interested in obtaining employment in the surveying and related disciplines. It is one of its kind in the Bay Area. This program offers AA/AS degrees and graduates may choose to pursue LSIT (Land Surveyor-In-Training) license. State of the art labs, funded by NSF and industry grants, provide hands-on training to the students. ​​

Engineering Courses​ Offered:

1. SG  100 (Applied Math for Land Surveying)

2. SG  141 (Boundary Control and Legal Principles)

3. SG  142 (California Coordinate System)

4. SG  143 (Introduction to Photogrammetry)

5. SG  145 (Astronomy for Surveyors)

6. SG  146 (CADD for Civil Engr., Surveying, and Land Development)

7. SG  147 (Global Positioning System for Land Surveying)

8. SG  148 (Maps, Subdivision Map Act and Land Surveying Act)

8. Engr.  060 (Surveying)

9. Engr.  06 (Plane Surveying)

10.Engr.  063 (Geographic Information System)


Dr. Antoi​nette Herrera

Dean, Math, Science and Engineering

Vera Nazarov
Sr. Division Administrative Assistant

(408) 270-6490
MS3 Building - SA 212​


Dr. Abdie Tabrizi

Engineering Professor
Acacia A4-113

(408) 274-7900 x 6855 


Antonio Perez
Laboratory Technician
AB-131   x 6019


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