Individualized Instruction
course description

II-090 - Tutor Training

This course will help students gain knowledge about tutoring in order to provide effective academic assistance to others. Students will learn a variety of tutoring techniques which will address different learning styles, study skills and discipline specific needs. Students who are employed as a tutor in any of the EVC Tutoring Centers are required to complete this course. This course is also recommended for any student who intends to pursue a profession in teaching.

Units: 1

Lecture Hours: 1 |  Lab Hours: None |  Repeatable: No |  Grading: O

Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math:

Transfer Status: CSU |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS

II-210 - Supervised Tutoring

Under the direction of a certificated supervisor in the Tutoring Center, students taking this course will receive tutoring assistance in areas of identified academic need. With the recommendation of appropriate faculty, tutors will be employed who have demonstrated competency in a particular subject, skills and/or discipline and who have or will successfully complete the tutor training course.

Units: None

Lecture Hours: None |  Lab Hours: None |  Repeatable: Yes |  Grading: N

Advisory Level  —   Read:   |  Write:  | Math:

Transfer Status: None |  Degree Applicable: NC

​II-394 - Individualized Basic Skills Laboratory

This non-transferable course provides a framework for any of the disciplines listed in the catalog to offer remedial-level individualized instructional modules which are designed to develop or support the student’s experiences beyond that which is available through the regular curriculum. Repeatable for credit within the same discipline to a maximum of nine units; across the disciplines, repeatable to twelve units.

Units: 0.5 - 6

Lecture Hours: 0.5 |  Lab Hours: None |  Repeatable: 11 |  Grading: K

Advisory Level  —   Read:   |  Write:  | Math:

Transfer Status: None |  Degree Applicable: NAA

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