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The Language Arts Center at Evergreen Valley College is located in SC-125. This is an academic skills lab where students from all disciplines within the Language Arts Division can learn, strengthen, and improve specific skills. Lab credits are awarded in the form of credit/no credit grades. 

The four main areas of concentration are:

​​Reading Lab

Welcome to the Reading Lab! 

Our program supports the Reading Department and the courses offered by providing self-paced individualized lab classes. These lab classes correlate with and expand the lessons introduced in the actual reading courses. Each lab class is 0.5  units where students use a variety of audiovisual, computer, and textbook instruction materials.

The reading lab courses we offer are:

English 102L & 322L- Labs designed to strengthen specific skill areas such as: main idea, paragraph structure, reading rate improvement, vocabulary skills development, and improvement of comprehension. You must be concurrently enrolled in English 102 College Reading or English 322 Introduction to College Reading to complete these labs.

English 321L- Offers supportive lessons and material for the concurrent English 321 Fundamentals of College Reading class. Students complete assignments at their prescribed level.

Workshops-Instructional Assistants assigned to the lab offer workshops for the entire college on topics such as test taking, note taking, and textbook reading.

Instructional Assistant: Ro​xane Leaf,
Also, on a rotating schedule, faculty members are assigned to coordinate the lab and oversee its continued operation. These faculty members include:

Valerie Bolaris,
Ward Shimizu,
Sondra Kuykendall,

Phone number (408) 274-7900 ext 6569​

Writing Lab

The Writing Center is a place where students gather in a structured group setting as a community of writers. Here they practice writing as a process and prepare for the English Department Final Exam. The students learn different techniques and approaches to writing, and they receive direct feedback and comments from English instructors, instructional assistants and interns on how to improve their writing skills.

In the Writing Center, students enrolled in English 104 and 330 are required to attend fourteen 3-hour labs each semester. For the first two hours, they work independently on a module that provides a challenging yet achievable amount of skill building and writing practice. Students then spend the third hour sharing their work with their peers, the instructor and instructional assistants, and devise strategies for improvement and revision.


N​ancy Tung ,, x6859
Writing Center Coordinators

Sravani Banerjee,, x6859
Huma Saleem,, x6859 ​Labs: 

XENGL 104 Lab
XENGL 330 Lab​


Welcome to the ESL Lab

The ESL lab provides language learning support to students whose first language is not English. Depending on their English skills placement test score and class registration, students can enroll in either the Skills Lab or the Writing Seminar, labs which have distinct instructional methods and work requirements.

In the beginning and intermediate Skills LabESL 341L, ESL 330L, ESL 320L, ESL 312L, and ESL 310L—students practice all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), using a highly effective computer software program which allows them to listen for comprehension, record their voice for pronunciation check, practice reading comprehension, and learn various grammar functions to improve writing.

In the higher level ESL 302L and ESL 91L Writing Seminar, students benefit from individualized help with English writing and reading skills through weekly essay and summary assignments which are reviewed by ESL lab instructors on a one-on-one basis. These labs provide intensive support which supplements the instruction students receive in their ESL 302 and ESL 91 composition classes.

Instructional Assi​​stant:

Kate Giles,, x6608

The ESL labs correspond to these ESL classes
If a student is in these classes:​    Corresponding ESL Lab:
ESL91E, ESL302 or ESL106
ESL312, ESL313 or ESL314             ESL310L
ESL322, ESL323 or ESL324​             ESL320L​
ESL332, ESL333 or ESL334​            ESL330L

​English 1L lab

The goal of the English 1L lab is to support your success in your English Composition class. Each student completes written work assigned or recommended by his or her instructor and receives one-on-one help from the lab instructors. Students must be concurrently registered in English 1A, 1B, or 1C to qualify for this lab.


Sravani Banerjee,

Scott Wilson, ​

This is a .5 - 1.0 unit course that offers the following:

·         Help with grammar mechanics and style.

·         Help with library research skills.

·         Individual conferences.

·         Practical advice regarding all steps of the writing process:  

​​prewriting, drafting, and revisions.


M - T:  8:00 am - 9:00 pm

F :  8:00 am - 3:00  pm​


Front Desk, Staff Assistant; Phone#: (408) 274-7900 x6463​​

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