Math & Science Resource Center

​​ Students at the Math and Science Resource Center Who is eligible to use the MSRC?

All students who are currently registered in an Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Physics course at EVC are eligible to use the MSRC

How do I register to use the MSRC?

Prior to attend the MSRC for the first time each semester, a student needs to register to one of the MSRC's II-210 Individualized Instruction - Supervised Tutoring sections (designated with Room # SA 112).   These sections are found in the Schedule of Classes.

Available Help

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student tutor

Math and Science Resource and Tutoring Subjects           

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Physics

Types of Services

  • Drop-In Tutoring
  • Individual/Group Study
  • Instructor Office Hours
  • Student Computers for Math/Science Class-related use
  • Current Math and Science Textbook for Temporary use
  • In-Class Supplemental Instruction
  • Student Printing and Copying 

For more information about the EVC Math and Science Resource Center, please call (408)274-7900, extension 6883, or by emailing

 EVC Math and Science Resource Center




Instructional Support Program Coordinator:

Bryan Pham

Instructional Assistants:

Nguyet Nguyen
Sawanii Marks
Jorge Vallin


MS3 Building - Room SA 212

Off​ice Hours

Spring and Fall Semesters: 

M–Th:  9am – 6pm
       F:  9am – 1pm            

Summer Session: 
M–​Th:  9am–3pm

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