​Round Two of the Math Contest at EVC has just completed. For the second round this year, we had 58 students taking the test.  The team score is 103.5.

These are this year's top 5:

Round One                        Round Two        

Nguyen, Nghi      17.5         Tran, Trung                    25.0

Le, Phan              16.5        Jaladanki, Nagaganesh 24.0

Thach, Thomas    15.5        Nguyen, Bao                 19.5

Le, Nam               13.5       Ching, Brittney              17.5

Dang, Thanh       13.0         Lam, Nguyen                17.5

 (Team score)         76                                             103.5

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​Contact Info:

Dr. Antoi​nette Herrera

Dean, Math, Science and Engineering

Vera Nazarov
Sr.  Division Ad​ministrative Assistant

(408) 270-6490
MS3 Building - SA 212​


Cynthia Burnham
SA 216   x6583

Laimi Cong-Huyen  
SA 266   x6567

Shanna Erickson
SA 262   x6040

Henry Estrada
SA 214   x 6582

Iris Kachuck
SA 272   x 6595

Rob Knight
SA 226   x 6556

Teck Ky
SA 220   x 6064

Bob Lombard
SA 222   x 6877

Tin Quach
SA 224   x 6664 

Sithparran Vanniasegaram

SA 264   x6527

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