Course Deficiency Letter From The Board Of Registered Nursing

Course Deficiency Letter From The Board Of Registered Nursing

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UPDATE: FOR BRN DEFICIENT APPLICANTS: This program is currently full, with a maximum-capacity waitlist. As a result, this application cycle has been postponed to next October 2021. Thank you for your patience as the EVC Nursing program continues to work virtually and navigate the impact of COVID-19. 

Did you receive a letter from the Board of Registered Nursing indicating you were deficient in certain areas of your education that you need to fulfill​​?  Please follow this process:

From October 1st to October 31st, you can apply online to the Nursing Program.  You must upload a copy of the letter your received from the BRN to your online application.  There is no fee for the application, you do not have to be an EVC student to apply and you are not required to have an EVC ID number for the application.

​What to expect after you apply to the RN Program:

  • ​If you are planning to apply to the BRN Deficient program in October, you may review the Book List, Reading List, N001 Syllabus and Lecture Schedule, located on the tab left of this web page under "Study Material for Challenge Exam for BRN Students."  The exam is on Fundamentals of Nursing and the topics are reviewed in these documents. This is material that you should have already covered in your previous nursing education.

  • The exam will typically occur in December and you will be emailed with the details in late November. For the exam you will need to bring the letter you received from the BRN along with photo identification. If you fail to bring these items with you, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

  •  After you complete the computerized exam you will get your results in a timely fashion. You will be notified if you passed or failed the exam by email. If you pass, you will go to the next step. (see below) If you fail, you will have to wait until the next application period to reapply to the program.

  • Once you pass the Challenge Exam you will be asked to take the TEAS test (Please visit to access more information on the TEAS process and study material). This usually occurs January through March.

  • If you pass the TEAS test (minimum passing score is 62%), you will go to the next step, if you don't pass the TEAS test, you will have to wait until the next application period to reapply to the program.

  • You will be scheduled to do a face-to-face interview with a representative from the EVC Nursing Program. After the interview you will be notified via email if you are qualified to enter our program.

  • ​Please indicate if you are an international student in your interview.  This will help us prepare you for the requirements through Admissions.

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