Generic Nursing Program Application

Nursing Application (Available October 1st – October 31)


Application Cycle Now Closed. Next Application Cycle is October 2021.

Important information and disclaimers below. Please read carefully:

Student ID:

New to October 2021 application cycle: Applicants must have a valid EVC/SJCC student ID number to apply. If you are not an EVC/SJCC student, apply to Evergreen Valley College (free to apply). After you apply, it takes up to 48 hours to receive your student ID number.


The application period is for enrollment in the following academic year. Once selection is determined, the student will be assigned to begin nursing coursework in either the fall or spring semester.


Update*** Evergreen Valley College and San Jose State are excited to announce potential South Bay Concurrent Enrollment Program (note: name of SBCEP has now changed to Integrated Community College BS Nursing Pathway)! Pending program approval, estimated start date will be Fall 2021 or Fall 2022. Watch the video here.


Nursing Application Requirements:

Before applying to the nursing program, applicants must:

1. Complete the following biology prerequisites (with unit equivalent listed for lecture/lab), with a GPA of 2.5 or above:

  • BIOL 71                4 Semester Units Minimum         Human Anatomy            
  • BIOL 72                4 Semester Units Minimum         Human Physiology
  • BIOL 74                4 Semester Units Minimum         General Microbiology

2. Complete English 1A with a "C" or better (3 Semester Units Minimum)

3. Complete TEAS Version 6 exam and upload first passing score (pass= 62%) to the online application.

***Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the sudden transition to a virtual campus, the EVC Nursing program will accept pre-requisite science courses taken online Spring 2020- Summer 2021 semesters for the October 2021 nursing application cycle. (Note: For future application cycles, we will accept pre-requisite science courses taken online during the pandemic through Fall 2021). If taken at another college, these pre-requisites must still be equivalent to Evergreen Valley College's pre-requisite courses. For more information about verifying equivalency of pre-requisites, please contact the counseling department.


Important Notes

  • The EVC nursing program will not accept international science courses or online courses to meet the prerequisite science requirement for Anatomy, Physiology, or Microbiology.

  • If you have NOT taken required pre-requisites or other relevant courses at a community college, U.C., or CSU (i.e. your courses do not appear on the transfer website,, you must complete this course substitution major requirement form: Course Sub GEN ED REVISED  If you completed required prerequisites out of state, you must also complete this form.

  • Beginning fall 2010, one semester of combined A&P will no longer meet the requirement for Anatomy.

Helpful Charts for Relevant Courses:

Multi Criteria:

Effective 10/1/18, EVC Nursing we will be utilizing the Multi Criteria selection process.  To be eligible, applicants must have completion of Biology Pre-requisites-Anatomy, Microbiology and Physiology (with unit equivalent listed above for lecture/lab), with a  GPA of 2.5 or above for the sciences, and completion of English 1A with a "C" or better. Multicriteria is a point system application process.​

​​ Admission Criteria Points Point Distribution
Academic degrees from regionally accredited programMaximum 5 points

BS/BA or higher = 5 points


AS/AA/ADT degree = 2 points

Recent work or volunteer experience with direct human patient care within the past 5 years. Must have verification from human resources or employer verifying the number of hours worked and job title. All information must be submitted by the student along with the application.Maximum 15 points
  • Licensed LVN, Paramedic, EMT, or documented medical military experience, (all with work experience ≥ 1000 hours) = 15 pts.


  • CNA/HHA Certification , Phlebotomist, Surgical Technician, Hospital unit based clerical or telemetry staff, Health care related Therapists, such as Physical, Occupational, or Respiratory therapists, Medical Assistant (all with work experience > 1000 hours) = 8 points
  • Physical Therapy Aide, Medical Scribe, Dental Hygienist, Radiology, CV  > 1000 hours)​ = ​5 points
  • Volunteer Activities  (≥ 200 hours) = 1 point



GPA relevant course work Biology Pre-requisites: Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology are lecture and lab courses only. No discussion group classes are included


30 points

Biology Prerequisites Anatomy, Microbiology, and Physiology GPA must be ≥ or 2.5

4.0                  30 points

3.6 - 3.9          25 points

3.3 - 3.5          20 points

3.0 - 3.2          15 points

2.5 - 2.9           5 points

Completion of relevant course work for  Evergreen Valley College Nursing Program​Maximum 22 points

Pharmacology 5 points, Pathophysiology 5 points, all other courses 3 points per course for each course completed: Psychology, ​Developmental Psychology, ​ Oral Communications, and a course that fulfils AA Math requirement.

  • Students with Bachelor's degree will receive 3 points for Math requirement. They are exempt from GE math requirement.
  • Students may earn points for courses completed at other accredited schools approved to be equivalent through Petition for Course Substitution/Equivalency. Petitions must be approved prior to applying and must be on file with Admission/Records
  • Courses in progress will not be used to determine points.

Life Experience include:

  • Disabilities
  • Low Family Income
  • First generation of family to attend college
  • Need to work
  • Disadvantaged social or educational environment
  • Difficult personal or family situations or circumstances
  • Refugee status



Maximum 3 pointsStudents will who complete the narrative section of the application and meet any of the life experience criteria indicated, will receive 3 points.

Proficiency or advanced level coursework in languages other than English.


Credit for languages other than English shall be received for languages that are identified by the Chancellor's office. These may include but are not limited to the following:


ASL, Arabic, Chinese including its various dialects, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and various languages of the Indian subcontinents and Southeast Asia 


Maximum 2 points

Proof must be provided by the student ( of spoken language proficiency) by one of the following:

  1. Official transcript from a US regionally accredited college or university verifying 4 semester of the same foreign language with a grade of C or better for each semester within the last 5 years.
  2. Letter from a professor, clergy, supervisor, if it is the native language (must speak, read and write in the language).
​Veteran Status​Maximum 3 Points
​Copy of Defense Forms DD-214 Honorable Discharge= 3 points

Assessment and Readiness testing (TEAS).

Only the first passing score will be counted for points.

First time ATI testing will be available through Evergreen Valley College (Limited Number). For more information click here: TEAS Testing

Maximum 25 points

TEAS Version 6



85 – 100%               25 points

78 – 84.9%              20 points

71 – 77.9 %             15 points

64 – 70.9 %             10 points

62 – 63.9 %              5 points



Maximum Points that can be acquired:      105




DO NOT SUBMIT TRANSCRIPTS BEFORE OCTOBER 1ST OR AFTER OCTOBER 31ST. Any transcripts submitted outside of this application window will not be processed and can lead to an incomplete application.

  • Students are required to submit ALL transcripts from all colleges where Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology and English 1A were taken.  Even if you took these classes more than once, ALL of the transcripts must be submitted.
  • All transcripts must be official transcripts- the only exception to this is if the classes are from EVC and/or SJCC. In that case, you may submit unofficial transcripts.

Instructions for sending official transcripts:

  • Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EVC Nursing program is ONLY accepting e-transcripts for the October 2021 application cycle. If your college does not offer e-transcripts, please email
  •  E-transcripts: Official e-transcripts must be sent to - DO NOT SEND TO ADMISSIONS
  • ***EVC Nursing is not accountable for any e-transcripts that failed to be successfully submitted to the nursing office on-time (ex. transcripts failed to be submitted by your institution on-time). 

More Information:

Proof of Academic Degree – You will need to submit an official transcript with the confirmation of your degree (same process as indicated above).

Recent work or volunteer experience with direct human patient care within the past 5 years - Must have verification from human resources or employer verifying the number of hours worked and job title submitted on letterhead, and upload to online application- no hard copy required.

Completion of relevant course work for Evergreen Valley College Nursing Program – Official transcripts indicating completion (same process as indicated for transcripts above) if Petitioned, must include copy of course substitution approval.

Life Experience – There will be a narrative section in the online application for applicants to fill out, no hard copy required.

Proficiency or advanced level coursework in languages other than English –  

  1. Official transcript from a US regionally accredited college or university verifying 4 semester of the same foreign language with a grade of C or better for each semester within the last 5 years.
  2. Upload to application, letter from a professor, clergy, supervisor, if it is the native language (must speak, read and write in the language).

TEAS - During the application period, you must upload your Version 6 TEAS Score to the application website. For information on the TEAS, please visit - no hard copy necessary (if you are selected to the program, you will be asked to submit official TEAS transcript).

Here is the workflow that the application process will follow:

  1. Applicants submit application online (There is no fee and there is no requirement to be a current EVC student or to have a student ID Number).
  2. Applicant will receive an email indicating the application was received
  3. Applicant submits transcripts (Not applicable for BRN Deficient Students) 
  4. The program will notify prospective students via email by February 28th if you were selected for enrollment.

If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available, selection will be as follows:

  • The program will select applicants with the highest point value

  • If the number of highest point values is tied and exceeds spaces available, the program will randomly select applicants from​ the highest point values.

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