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Student ID:

New to October 2021 application cycle: Applicants must have a valid EVC/SJCC student ID number to apply. If you are not an EVC/SJCC student, apply to Evergreen Valley College (free to apply). After you apply, it takes up to 48 hours to receive your student ID number.

The application p​​olicy and procedures are the same as for the generic RN student. Please visit: here to view the requirements. ​

You cannot apply for the LVN to RN Bridge Program unless you currently have your California LVN license at the time of your application.  

​What to expect after you apply to the RN​ Program:

  • If you are planning to apply to the LVN to RN Bridge Program in October, you may review the Book List, Reading List, N001 Syllabus and Lecture Schedule, located on the tab left of this web page under "Study Material for Challenge Exam for BRN Students."  The exam is on Fundamentals of Nursing and the topics are reviewed in these documents. This is material that you should have already covered in your previous nursing education.

  • ​The  N001 Fundamentals of Nursing Challenge Exam typically will be given in December, you will be notified by email.  You will be required to bring your California LVN License and Photo ID to take this exam, if you fail to bring these, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

  • After you complete the computerized exam, you will get your results in a timely fashion. You will be notified if you passed or failed the exam by email. If you pass, you will go to the next step (see below) if you fail, you will have to wait until the next application period to reapply to the program.

  • Once you pass the Challenge Exam you will be asked to take the TEAS test (Please visit to access more information on the TEAS process and study material).This usually occurs January through March.​

  • If you pass the TEAS test (minimum passing score is 62%), you will go to the next step, if you don't pass the TEAS test, you will have to wait until the next application period to reapply to the program.

  • If you pass the TEAS test, you will take N005 Role Transition course during the summer, traditionally this occurs in the month of June. If you are successful in this course, you will then be approved to begin the LVN to RN Bridge Program (typically our LVN students enter into the 2nd or 3rd semester dependent on where we have space availability) if there is space available. If there are more students than spaces available, we will then go to random selection and the students who are not chosen will go on a waiting list for the following semester.

  • 30 Unit Option:

LVN 30-Unit Option Coursework
Prerequisites: No recency required
BIOL 072 Human Physiology 5.0
BIOL 074 General Microbiology 5.0
NURS 005 Role Transition 1.5
Nursing Major Courses
First Semester:
NURS 003 Advanced Pediatrics and
Medical-Surgical Nursing 8.5
Second Semester:
NURS 004 Advanced Medical-Surgical/Geriatric/
Leadership and Management Nursing 10.0
Unit Breakdown
Prerequisite Course 11.5
Nursing Major Courses 18.5
Total Units 30.0

 Following completion of the 30-Unit Option, LVNs are Eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN. Completing the 30-Unit Option does not constitute graduation from the Nursing Program. In addition, completing the 30-Unit Option may limit the ability to gain licensure endorsement in other states or impact employment mobility in some health care institutions.​​​​

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