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New to October 2021 application cycle: Applicants must have a valid EVC/SJCC student ID number to apply. If you are not an EVC/SJCC student, apply to Evergreen Valley College (free to apply). After you apply, it takes up to 48 hours to receive your student ID number.


Military Personnel and Veterans may be eligible for advanced placement enrollment in the ADN Program based on education and experience.  This includes, but not limited to, Basic Medical Technician (Navy Hospital Corpsman), USAF Basic Medical Service Technician, and Army Medical Specialist.

***Please see requirements/process for Advanced Placement below:

    1. Military Personnel and Veterans may request for advanced placement in the nursing program during application process if they have the following:
      1. Honorable discharge (DD214) or current active honorable service (letter from supervisor).
      2. Recency of education and experience within last five years prior to application
      3. Served on active military duty in the medical corps of the United States under honorable conditions.
      4. Met the same eligibility requirement for admission into the ADN program as other applicants, including completion of prerequisites.
    2. Application process policy and procedures are the same for the generic and military personnel/Veteran student  (please see the requirements on EVC web site) 
      1. Military records and transcripts will be reviewed by an evaluator and the applicant must have a DD214 showing completion of military coursework and service/discharge under honorable conditions.
    3. Once you submit the application and have met the eligibility requirements (completion of Biology Pre-requisites-Anatomy, Microbiology and Physiology (with unit equivalent for lecture/lab), with a  GPA of 2.5 or above for the sciences, and completion of English 1A with a "C" or better), you will be contacted to take the Nursing Challenge Exam.
    4. Must pass N001 Fundamentals of Nursing Challenge Exam per policy 
      1. If you are planning to apply you may review the Book List, Reading List, N001 Syllabus and Lecture Schedule located on EVC's Nursing Department web page under "Forms for Incoming Students" for study material.  The exam is on Fundamentals of Nursing and content is outlined in these documents.
      2. The N001 Fundamentals of Nursing Challenge Exam is scheduled in December. Applicants are notified by email.  You will be required to bring a Photo ID to take this exam, and will not be allowed to take the exam without proper photo identification. 
      3. After you complete the computerized exam, you will be notified if you passed or failed the exam by email. If you pass, you will go to the next step (see below).  If you fail, you will have to wait until the next application period to reapply to the program.
      4. If you pass the challenge exam, you will be asked to take the TEAS test, which is scheduled during January through March. For information on the TEAS, please visit
      5. If you pass the Version VI TEAS test with 62% or above, you will go to the next step.  If you do not pass the TEAS test, you will have to wait until the next application period to reapply to the program.
      6. If there are more students than spaces available, then you will be included in a computerized random selection (also known as Lottery) to begin the ADN program as an advanced placement student, based on space availability during the academic year.
  1. Military Personnel and Veterans entering ADN program on Advanced Placement
    1. All student policies and procedures apply
    2. Must complete these courses with a grade of 75% "C" or better
Major Requirements: All completed with a grade "C" or better
NURS 002A Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing 5.0
NURS 002B Maternity Nursing 4.0
NURS 003 Advanced Pediatrics and Medical-Surgical Nursing 8.5
NURS 004 Adv. Medical-Surgical/Geriatric/ Mental Health/Leadership and Management Nursing 10.0

*Associate Degree may require additional coursework per college policy


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This policy was created December 22, 2016.​

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