Test For Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Test For Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

SB 1309 allows community colleges to utilize approved diagnostic assessment tools prior to enrollment in the nursing program. EVC uses the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). For additional information on the TEAS, visit https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool.aspx

ATI completed a norming study on the New TEAS exam. Due to student success data, the recommended cut score is 62%. Based on the recommendation from the State Chancellor's office, the EVC Nursing program will no longer accept TEAS test version 3.0 or 4.0 ​with cut scores of 72% or higher, effective the October 2011.

EVC requires a qualifying score of 62% on the TEAS 6th edition or New TEAS​

Free TEAS Exams for those Applying in October who Meet the Qualifications

TEAS Sign Ups Are Open


The TEAS exam is being offered remotely. You will need to have a computer (laptop or desk top) in order to take the exam. You cannot use a tablet, iPad, or phone to take the TEAS exam. Your computer must have the following:

Microphone: Any microphone, either internal or external

Webcam: 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external

Desktop or laptop computer (NO iPads, tablets, or phones are to be used) with the ability to download Google Chrome


You must meet the following qualifications to qualify for a free TEAS exam.


·       Completed Anatomy with passing grade.

·       Completed Physiology with passing grade.

·       Completed Microbiology with passing grade.

·       Completed English 1A with passing grade.

·       Have not taken the TEAS version 6 or did not pass with a 62% or below.
(If you have taken the TEAS and did not receive a passing grade you must attached a copy of your TEAS score to be considered).

In order to receive a free TEAS exam you must follow the instructions below:

Send an e-mail to anindita.nag@evc.edu
Subject line must have: ATI TEAS Exam Fall 2020
You must answer the following questions in the e-mail to see if you qualify for the TEAS:

·       Have you completed Anatomy?
What semester?
What was your grade?

·       Have you completed Microbiology?
What semester?
What was your grade?

·       Have you completed Physiology?
What semester?
What was your grade?

·       Have you completed English 1A?
What semester?
What was your grade?

·       Have you taken the TEAS version 6?
What score did you receive?

If you meet the qualifications you will be contacted with instructions to complete a dry run with ATI. Once the dry run is complete you will be emailed a link to sign up for the TEAS version 6 exam.


There will be a limit of the number of tests we have available and will be first come first served. The fee attached to the TEAS is waived for students who are able to sign up for this exam.


*There is currently no recency on the TEAS Version 6 test. 

*Only the first passing score will be counted for points.

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