Transfer Student

Transfer Student (From Another​ RN Program)

UPDATE: EVC Nursing Advanced Placement is Currently FULL for Academic Year 2020-2021. We therefore do not have any space for transfer students at this time. Please check our website regularly for updates. 

Note: Transfer students are welcome to apply to the generic nursing program during the next October 2020 application cycle. Please click here for more information on our required pre-requisites, requirements, and more information about our multi-criteria selection for the RN program.

Transfer Student Application Process:

You cannot transfer into our program if you left prior to completing your 1st semester.

You cannot transfer into our program if it has been longer than 2 semesters that you have been out of nursing school (1 year).
If you meet the above requirements please do the following:

  1. Write us a letter explaining why you wish to transfer from one nursing school to ours at:
    Brittany Long
    Evergreen Valley College
    Nursing Program
    3095 Yerba Buena Road,
    San Jose, CA 95135

Please be sure to include a valid phone number and email address in your correspondence

  1. Include in your letter all of your nursing school official transcripts

  2. Include in your letter a copy of all course descriptions for your nursing classes (you can usually obtain this from the schools website)

  3. Once we receive your information, we will send you a confirmation letter of receipt and add you to the list of transfer requests.

  4. Please indicate if you are an international student in your letter.  This will help us prepare you for the requirements through Admissions.

  5. All previous listed information you submit will be reviewed by EVC Nursing faculty. After this review, EVC Nursing faculty will either approve or deny your request. If approved and there is an opening, you will be contacted at the number you provide to us or by email.​​

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