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The paralegal and legal assistant area is one of the fastest-growing job fields in America. Here in Silicon Valley paralegals are in high demand and have the opportunity to earn above-average incomes while engaging in exciting work in the legal field. Get started today with the EVC Paralegal Studies Program, which offers Paralegal Certificates and Associate degrees that help prepare you for rewarding careers in law!

As law firms re-tool and restructure their business models in an effort to reduce expenses and offer better value to their clients they are looking to legal assistants and paralegals to fulfill duties previously conducted by secretaries and junior associates.  Large corporations, government agencies, banks, real estate and insurance companies, and a variety of other organizations are also increasing their in-house legal staff further enhancing the need for trained paralegals and legal assistants.

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Dr. Maniphone Dickerson
Dean, Business and Workforce Dev​elopment​

Kim Steele
Sr. Administrative Assistant
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Full-time Faculty
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Adjunct Faculty

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Diane Soriano
Academic Counselor
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Wages for paralegals and legal assistants in Silicon Valley and San Francisco are among the highest in the nation.  The median hourly pay rate in Santa Clara County is over $29, equating to annual rate of $60,500.  In San Francisco comparable figures are even higher with a yearly average of $68,500 translating to an hourly base of $33.

The U.S. government projects future growth at 17 percent through the year 2022, much faster than average for other occupations.

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