​​​​​Full-Time Faculty

John Payne
B.A., San José State University
M.A., Stanford University.

Felicia Perez
Head Coach Women's Soccer
A.A., Cosumnes River College
B.A., Chico State University
M.A., University of Redlands

​Nancy Zeiszler
A.A., Physical Education, San Joaquin Delta Community College
B.A., Physical Education, University of Pacific, Graduated Phi Beta Kappa
M.A., Physical Education, University of Pacific​

Adjunct Faculty

Susan Armenta
B.S., Kinesiology, Cal State San Bernadino University
M.A., Kinesiology, San José State University

Simon Cook
Head Coach Men's Soccer
BA Business and Sports Psychology, University of Manchester​​

Laura Corrado
B.S., Kinesiology, Pre-Professional, San José State University
M.A., Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology Emphasis, San José State University

Additional Credentials
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association) 

Jory Segal
B.S., University of Illinois. Magna Cum Laude, Economics and Social Science Education
M.S., University of Illinois. Physical Education


Lisa Renteria
Instructional Lab Tech. II/Physical Education
A.A., Physical Education, West Valley College
B.A., Physical Education, Emphasis Coaching & Administration, CSU Chico
M.A., Kinesiology, Emphasis Biomechanics, San José State University​

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