​​​​Goals and focus of PEAK

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's)

  1. PLO#1 - Demonstrate effective communication skills, teamwork, leadership, and concepts of fair play and inclusiveness.

  2. PLO#2 - Demonstrate the ability to analyze, adjust and employ skills, tactics and successful strategies for achievement in competitive and noncompetitive physical activity.

  3. PLO#3 - Demonstrate the ability to actively locate, evaluate and utilize necessary information discovered online, in the community and from peers.
  4. PLO#4 - Demonstrate communication, behavior and sensitivity necessary for effective collaboration and group function with individuals from diverse economic, cultural, racial, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds.

  5. PLO#5 - Demonstrate the assimilation of skills, concepts, behaviors and tactics necessary to successfully implement personal life-long wellness initiatives and action.


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