Physical Science

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PHYSC-012 - Earth Science

Earth Science is an introductory course in the four main areas of earth sciences: geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. The course content is delivered primarily through laboratory activities, hands-on experiments, and short lectures. Emphasis is on geology: mineral and rock identification, erosion, igneous activity, plate tectonics, and mountain building. Students will tumble and polish rocks. The oceanography section will cover the continental margins and ocean floor, while the meteorology section will focus on the Earth's dynamic atmosphere and gas content. The astronomy section will present an inventory of the solar system and of our own galaxy.
Units: 4
Lecture Hours: 3 |  Lab Hours: 3 |  Repeatable: No |  Grading: L
Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math: 2
Transfer Status: CSU/UC |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS

Dr. Antoi​nette Herrera

Dean, Math, Science and Engineering

Vera Nazarov
Sr.  Division Administrative​ Assistant

(408) 270-6490
MS3 Building - SA 212

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