Political Science


​POLSC-001 - Politics and Government in America

This course covers the role and importance of the ideal of democracy and the evolution of the American and Californian political system. America's and California's political institutions (executive, legislative and judicial) and political processes (voting, lobbying, attitudes) are examined against the backdrop of America's and California's cultural diversity and political history. This course is a study of national, state and local government and politics with emphasis on the United States Constitution and the national and Californian governments. Note: Combined with HIST 1, meets US HIST & Constitution and State & Local Govt. requirements. Meets California Teachers Credential requirement.

Units: 3

Lecture Hours: 3 |  Lab Hours: None |  Repeatable: No |  Grading: L

Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math:

Transfer Status: CSU/UC |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS


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