​Reading is Import​ant

EVC Reading Labs Matter

  • Students need more time to practice reading and to learn reading skills.
  • A lecture class twice a week may not be enough help or support.
  • When more than one person talks about a topic, it helps grasp the concept.​

Learning labs


Individualized labs support Fundamentals of Reading - 321, Intro. To College Reading - 322, and College Reading – 102

    • Students use a variety of textbook materials at no cost to the student
    • Computerized materials in the computer lab meet the needs of all reading abilities and provide immediate feedback to students
    • Reading teachers and staff help strengthen students' reading skills, inspire confidence, and improve success in the reading lecture classes and content area classes.
    • Workshops focusing on key skills in our reading conference room with state-of-the-art conference equipment.

Workshops include:

    • Vocabulary
    • Study Skill
    • Finding main idea and unstated main idea
    • Summary Writing
    • Tone and Purpose

Reading Confer​ence Area​

Reading Conference Area 2     Reading Conference Area 2

Computer Lab

Computer Lab 


Roxane Leaf 
Instructional Support Assistant
408-274-7900 ext. 6569 
Location: SC-125

Valerie Bolaris, M.A. Education, Reading Instructor, Reading Specialist


Veronica Santos Liasos
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(408) 223-6775

Acacia Buil​ding, Room AE-131​

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