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Interested students should submit an application so they can be notified when the next group of students will begin the Translation & Interpreting program sequence. This date will depend on the number of interested students and the availability of instructors.

The Translation and Interpreting Program provides a favorable learning environment that will equip the bilingual learner with the theoretical and practical skills and tools to begin the lifelong learning process as a translator and/or interpreter. This certificate may be completed in 3 semesters. Classes are usually offered on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Minimum Requirements

  1. All applicants must be fluent in Spanish and English, and have a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker. Applicants will have to take a bilingual proficiency assessment.
  2. It is recommended that all applicants should have completed at least one term of college English.
  3. All applicants must submit a Translation and Interpreting application to the Language Arts Division, located in the Acacia Buil​ding, Room AE-131.
  4. All applicants must attend an orientation.

Program Poli​cies

Progression in the T&I program requires taking some courses in a specific sequence.  Students must achieve “C” or higher in order to continue. If a student does not pass a course, it may be repeated the following year, dependent upon faculty recommendation and space availability.

Translation and Interpreting Courses

Register for classes using MyWeb.  Review the class schedule for classes, dates and times.  T & I courses use the subject code “SPA” and their descriptions are available in the catalog.  Please contact the Language Arts Division with your questions or to review academic program requirements. All classes will require the purchase of textbooks or other supplies, most of which will be available at the EVC Bookstore.

Translation and Interpreting  Program Course Sequence

Spanish Translation and Interpreting: Program Course Sequence

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Spanish 31 
Introduction to Translation and Interpreting 
(4 units) 

Spanish 35 
Sight Translation 
(3 units)

Spanish 32 
Spanish Grammar and Composition 
(3 units) 

Spanish 36A 
Consecutive Interpreting 
(3 units) 

Spanish 37A 
Simultaneous Interpreting 
(3 units)

Spanish 33 
Spanish-English Linguistic Analysis 
(3 units) 

Spanish 36B 
Consecutive Interpreting II 
(3 units) 

Spanish 37B 
Simultaneous Interpreting II 
(3 units)

When you complete t​he program you will be able to . . .

  1. Translate texts from English to Spanish
  2. Identify grammatical differences between Spanish and English
  3. Apply the appropriate use of translation and interpreting  in various settings, such as courts and hospitals.
  4. Interpret complex proceedings up to 145+ words per minute

Contact Info:​​

Robert Gutierrez 
Dean, Language Arts

Veronica Santos Liasos
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(408) 223-6775

Acacia Building, Room AE-131

Claudia Schalesky

Program Coordinator and Full-time Faculty
(408) 274-7900 x6233

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