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Jose and SaryaThe Department of Theatre Arts offers courses in Acting, Improvisation, Theatre History, Theatres of Diversity, Dance, Film, Screenwriting, and Studio Theatre Production. Theatre students learn how to act and interact freely and spontaneously, develop strong focus and concentration, work cooperatively with scene partners and in groups, and express themselves with clarity and confidence.

Each semester students get the opportunity to act in a fully staged theatre production. In the Theatre History and Film courses, students expand their knowledge and appreciation of classical and modern genres, and gain insight into diverse world cultures. In Screenwriting, they learn to develop and express their ideas in creative writing. Dance offers a variety of styles, including Modern, Jazz and Social Dance. 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned dancer, you are welcome to join the fun!  Mini performances throughout the semester allow you to practice your performance skills and dance technique. You will also learn to choreograph dance phrases and longer combinations in small groups.  

All professions, whether in the arts or business sectors, benefit from a creative, imaginative, innovative, and articulate workforce. We can help you to acquire these skills in the Theatre Arts Department.

Careers directly and indirectly related to study of Theatre Arts:

  • Acting – film, T.V., theatre, voice-over, print, modeling, commercials
  • Dancing – classical, jazz, modern
  • Directing – theatre, film, T.V., commercials
  • Writing – film , theatre, T.V., commercials
  • Teaching – elementary to college level and training conservatories
  • Stage Management – theatre (transferable skills to film and T.V.)
  • Costume and Garment Design
  • Set Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design
  • Architecture / location design and planning
  • Theatre Management – creative management skills
  • Managing Director – creative and financial background
  • Publicity Director

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