Women and Gender Studies



The Women and Gender Studies​ program is an intensive, dynamic teaching and learning program that centers on a interdisciplinary, intersectional, transnational and social justice approach to the study of women, gender and sexuality.  

Our General Studies with Emphasis in Women and Gender Studies Associate of Arts degree, and educational workshops sponsored by our Womyn's Gender Equity Center and  Womyn For Womyn Mentoring program encourages students to think critically, and engage in social change work to ensure a just, inclusive and sustainable world.


EVC W&GS awarded City of San Jose 2019 Women’s History Month ProclamationSylvia Arenas , Mayor Sam Liccardo, President Aytch, Chancellor Breland, and employees

Advisory Board

Sravani Banerjee

English Faculty

Marjorie Clark

W&GS Coordinator

Robin Hahn

English Faculty 

David Hendricks

History Faculty

Elba Padilla-Izquiero

W&GS Program Specialist

Milina Jovanovic

W&GS Faculty

Charlie Kahn-Lomax   

EOP&S Counselor Coordinator

Rachel Lazo

Art Faculty

Tiffany O'Brien

SL&PS Program Assistant 

Shaneel Pratap

Social Science Faculty

Nasreen Rahim

Instructional Technology Faculty

John Ruys

Psychology Faculty

Huma Saleem

English Faculty 

Contact US

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our operations to a virtual/remote format until further notice. 

Marjorie Clark

W&GS Coordinator
Google Voice: 382-2360

Elba Padilla Izquierdo

Program Specialist
Google Voice 408-780-1022


Womyn's Gender Equity Center

Acacia Building A8-232

Phone: 408-270-6454


Closed for Summer

Available  August 31, 2020


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