Career & Academic Pathways (CAPS)

​Below, you will find program maps at Evergreen Valley College grouped together to help streamline your journey to stay on track. Get started on your pathway at EVC and achieving your college goals. Look for your program map below.

What is a Program Map?

A program map represents one possible pathway to completing a degree or certificate. It is a semester-by-semester path from entry to completion. The courses listed may or may not fit with your individual goals. This is why is it so important for you to make an appointment with an EVC Counselor to create an Education Plan that is customized to meet your needs. The maps are not a guarantee of course availability each semester. 

Arts and Media Pathway

Arts and Media

Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Pathway

Behavioral Sciences and Humanities

Business Pathway


Health+Human Services Pathway

Health+Human Services

Industrial Technology and Transportation Pathway

Industrial Technology and Transportation

STEM Pathway


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