Special Academic Programs

ASPIRE Progra​​m

408-274-7900 x6227
The ASPIRE (Asian/Pacific Islander Resources for Excellence) Program is designed to enhance the academic and personal success of Asian/Pacific Islander students, utilizing the commitment
and skills of faculty, staff, and mentors. The program welcomes all students who may benefit from the nurturing services that this program offers.

Enlace Progra​​m

408-274-7900 Ext.6598 
​The Enlace Program is designed to help Latino/a students succeed.

The goals of Enlace are:

    • To enable Latin@ students to successfully complete the Enlace English, Math, Science, and Guidance courses.
    • To increase the number of Latin@ students who graduate with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree.
    • To increase the number of Latin@ students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Honors Program

274-7900 Ext. 6566
The Evergreen Valley College Honors Program serves high achieving students in all majors and interests on our campus by:

    • Offering a list of designated Honors Courses each semester.
    • Allowing Honors Credit for other academic courses by way of individual class contracts with the instructor, which must be approved.
    • Awarding of yearly scholarships to active Honors students.
    • Providing specialized counseling.
    • Providing priority registration privileges which allow active, qualified Honors students to register early.
    • Acknowledging Honors work both on student’s transcripts
    • and at Graduation.
    • Inviting all Honors students to participate in campus events, and to use the Honors office for homework, meetings, and other gatherings.

Service Learning & Public Service

Building Future Leaders and Strengthening Communities Through Service
Service-Learning connects academic instruction with community service through reflection and critical analysis. At EVC service experiences are carefully designed so as to enhance the learning objectives of each class, meet real community needs, encourage cross-cultural awareness and promote civic responsibility.

​​​​​​​​​Umoja-AFFIRM Progra​​m

408-274-7900 x6853

The Umoja-AFFIRM program philosophy is that the classroom experience must be rewarding to students and that they should be exposed to and/or involved in a variety of specialized learning strategies within a supportive learning environment. The major focus of the Umoja-AFFIRM program is to assist students with developing/maintaining positive self-images as successful scholars while providing them with the opportunity to acquire a solid foundation of skills in a supportive environment.​

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