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Enlace Mission

The mission of the Enlace Program is to help Chicanx/Latinx students successfully complete the academic core (English, Math, and Science) and to guide Chicanx/Latinx students effectively through transfer and occupational courses in a timely manner​.

Enlace Description

Enlace, which began in 1983, is an academic program supported by counseling, tutoring, community mentoring, and student organizations.  Enlace serves underrepresented Chicanx/Latinx  students of San José and nearby communities.


To participate in the program, students must make an appointment with the Enlace Counselor to determine if they are eligible based on an academic assessment (ie. placement scores).

​ Historical Timeline​

  • 1983: Enlace begins as Puente
  • ​1987: Officially named Enlace
  • 1988: Enlace Chair and Math positions established
  • 1989: Noel Levitz Retention Excellence Award
  • 1990-1991: HCC Outstanding Volunteer Organization of the Year
  • 1991-1992: Program Expansion
  • ​1992: In Memory of Dr. Mauro Chavez
  • 1994: Glen W. Hottman and California Community College Board of Governors Award
  • 1998: Student Success Award
  • 1999: Outstanding Public Program
  • 2000: Title V Grant Awarded, Enlace Honors Society Established
  • 2003: 20th Year Anniversary
  • 2005: Title V HSI Cooperative Grant Awarded
  • 2007:  Excelencia in Education Award
  • 2010: Title V HSI Cambios Grant Awarded
  • 2013: 30th Year Anniversary
  • 2014: Commendation from Mayor Chuck Reed
  • 2014: Enlace Accelerated Math Component Established
  • 2016: La Raza Roundtable Educational Excellence Award and Castellano Family Foundation grant awarded
  • 2017: League of Innovations in the Community College Award
  • 2019: Castellano Family Foundation grant awarded
  • 2020: Excelencia in Education Award and Castellano Family Foundation grant awarded 




Office: Acacia Bldg.(AE-142)

Phone:(408)780-9703 (call or text)

Remote Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm

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