​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​P​rogram Objective


The Southeast Asian American Student Excellence (SEAASE) program is designed to help Southeast Asian American students excel academically, culturally, and professionally by offering them speciall​y designed courses and services. The program is open to new and returning students.

The program helps students bridge the gap between their native culture and the American culture at large. The program achieves this by offering culturally sensitive career coaching, tutoring, and training in leadership skills. An increasing demand for college-educated employees in the workforce presents an exceptional opportunity for Southeast Asian American students.

Though SEAASE is geared towards Southeast Asian American students, the program welcomes all students regardless of their age, gender, or ethnic background, who may benefit from the nurturing services this program offers​.​​


  • ​Workshops: Free workshops which cover a broad range of topics of special relevance for Southeast Asian American students, including personal enrichment, leadership development, exploring and defining career goals, and more.
  • ​Leadership Development: A range of workshops and support services to help students become effective leaders and entrepreneurs​ while retaining their cultural identity and connections. 
  • Workforce Entrance Preparedness: The program helps with applying for internships & careers (students will graduate with a resume and cover letter ready to submit for any job application), and fast-track training towards a nationally recognized certificate in high-demand, technical fields.
  • Textbook Support/Loan: Textbooks for courses are offered at reduced cost or on loan to help ease the students' financial burden.
  • TI-84 Calculator Loan: Students can borrow TI-84 calculators to use each semester for Math and Science courses​​

Workshop Descriptions

B​oot Camp: College Transfer Applications
This workshop (boot camp) is for students who are ready to apply as a transfer student to any college. The workshop will help you prepare for your college applications and make sure you have the right resources to be able to apply to the school you want.

Learn the new website EVC be using for online courses. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to navigate the new environment and become familiar with its many functions.

Excel - Beginner (Intermediate level also offered)
You’ll gain a basic understanding of Excel and work on some practice exercises to help you learn how to use Excel.
Microsoft Word - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
These workshops provide you with learning different levels of Microsoft Word. From learning basic functions to creating elegant looking documents, you'll be about to use Word for any writing assignment you have.

PowerPoint - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Need to present something for your class assignment and/or at a meeting at work? Learn how to use PowerPoint to present your ideas and information in a creative and enlightening way. Different levels of PowerPoint workshops are offered to suit your needs.

SEAASE Program Orientation
The orientation will have:
  • Program overview
  • Textbook support/loan info
  • University campus tour sign ups
  • Food & Beverage
Learn the tools for building a professional profile and marketing your skills for your future job or career. Leave this workshop with feedback on your resume and your own LinkedIn profile.

Cover Letter Writing
If you want to stand out to employers, write a cover letter to help you stand out from other candidates. This workshop will provide you with a basic understanding of what a cover letter is and the skills you need to write a great cover letter.

How to Build a Professional Network
Learn how to connect with professionals in the industry you’ll be applying for. Take a step ahead and connect to people who can become your reference, mentor, colleague, and/or next manager.
Recommended workshop taken before: Resume

Writing Effective Communication
In a professional setting, writing is everything. This workshop will teach you how to write effective communication to your colleagues and managers using email and other writing methods. You’ll learn how to get your point across clearly and get what you request done quickly.

Job Searching & Interviewing
Got a resume and cover letter? Now put it to work in this hands on workshop in searching for jobs. Also, learn some tips and techniques on nailing that interview.
Recommended workshop taken before: Resume, Cover Letter Writing

Mock Intervie​wing
Practice, practice, practice! Put all of your interviewing skills together for a test run. Get a chance to practice interviewing before your big day. (Advance sign up required)
Recommended workshop taken before: Resume, Cover Letter Writing, Job Searching & Interviewing

Managing and Leading
One in the same? Is being a good manager the same as being a good leader? Explore what management and leadership looks like in and outside of the workplace environment.​

​Contact Info:

Brandon Yanari
Program Coordinator
SEAASE Program
LE  224 (Library Educational Tech Center)
(408) 831-0417

(408) 270-6417


Spring 2021 Hours:

Mon–Fri: 8am-5pm

via E-mail & Phone

​Apply to be a member​ by clicking the link below:

 Program Application​


Spring 2021

  • To receive workshop credit for SEAASE members, fill in this form after you attend a workshop.


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