About Us

The Center for Service-Learning and Public Service serves as the main campus resource for all service-learning, public service and civic engagement activities for students, faculty and staff. We are housed within Academic Affairs in the Social Science, Humanities, Arts & Education (SSHAPE) Division. 

OUR MISSION is to prepare students for lifelong civic engagement in pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our Values of equity, and social justice informs our community partnership with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the types of learning opportunites we offer students. 

Our Work is rooted in our college's mission to empower and prepare students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and to be civically responsible global citizens.

The program has three distinct components, Service-Learning, Public Service and EVC Votes that helps us achieve our mission.

What is Service-Learning?
Service-Learning connects through guided reflection and critical analysis, academic learning with service and social action. Students reflect on their service in order to increase their understanding of the curriculum, gain a broader appreciation of the discipline, while cultivating a sense of civic responsibility.
At EVC we work closely with faculty members to create Service-Learning assignments and projects that are carefully organized so as to enhance the learning objectives of each course, address real community needs, and promotes students' understanding of larger social issues at their service site and communities. Our partnerships with leading Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) provides students with opportunities to seek solutions to real-world problems.

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