CHEM 012B - Organic Chemistry  5.00 Units 

Instructor: Preeti Srinivasan
Reg ID: 100975                                           Section: 201
Time: 12:15 PM—01:35 PM (LEC) TTH      Room: SA217
         09:00  AM—12:05 PM (LAB) TTH      Room: SA211

Instructor: Preeti Srinivasan/ Charles Chau
Reg ID: 100975                                           Section: 202
Time: 12:15 PM—01:35 PM (LEC) TTH      Room: SA217
          02:00 PM—05:05 PM (LAB) TTH      Room: SA 211

This is the second semester of a year-long organic chemistry course designed to follow Chemistry 012A. Topics include nomenclature, stereochemistry, mechanisms, reactions, and spectroscopic studies of aliphatic and aromatic alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, and other classes of organic and biological compounds (such as amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids). Problem-solving techniques will be used to elucidate mechanistic, structural, and stereochemical features in chemical reactions. Lectures and laboratory methods will focus on synthesis, isolation, purification, elucidation and identification of organic structures as well as instrumental methods and data interpretation.   

CHEM 001B - General Chemistry 5.00 Units 
Instructor: Preeti Srinivasan
Reg ID: 100970                                            Section: 201
Time: 10:45 AM—12:05 PM (LEC) MW       Room: SA217
          12:45 AM—03:50 PM (LAB) MW       Room: AC160

Instructor: Charles Chau
Reg ID: 100971                                            Section: 202
Time: 05:15 PM—06:35 PM (LEC) MW       Room: AD211
          06:45 PM—09:50 PM (LAB) MW       Room: AC160

This course is a continuation of Chemistry 001A, the second semester of a one year college level general chemistry sequence. The content includes thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, coordination compounds, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. The laboratory emphasizes qualitative and quantitative analyses of inorganic compounds and introduces electronic instrumentation. The course is required for students majoring in physical and biological sciences and pre-professional majors such as pre-medicine and dentistry. The course also completes the basic chemistry requirements for students majoring in chemical and materials engineering.

PHIL 060-   Logic and Critical Thinking 3.00 Units
Instructor: Bhawana Kamil
Reg ID: 101720                                          Section: 202
Time: 10:45 AM- 12:05 PM (MW)              Room: C102

This is an introductory course in informal fallacies, inductive and deductive arguments. The course will focus on what the elements of an argument are, the distinction between basic forms of argument, comparing the strength of one argument to another and the rules of formal logic. Students will study causal relations, scientific, statistical and moral reasoning. There is a strong emphasis on the written expression and the application of critical thinking in a series of compositions or a term paper.

PSYCH 025- Psychology of Women: Global Perspective 3.00 Units
Instructor: Lorraine Levy
Reg ID: 101774                                           Section: 202
Time: Online                                               Room: LE 232

This course examines the female experience from a global, historical, familial, cultural and psychological framework, and analyzes how women’s lives are shaped by social and economic institutions, political movements, ethnicity, race and individual experiences. Psychological theories and current research will address concepts of development, gender-typing, sexism, motherhood, work, adaptation, well being as well as other psychological questions of central concern to women.

SERV 002 - Service-Learning: Personal  3.00 Units 

Instructor: Angelina Loyola            
Reg ID: 100799                                            Section: 201
Time: 12:15 PM—01:35 PM (TTH)              Room: PE107

This course provides students with a background in Community Service-Learning and opportunities to serve in the community. Students will receive training in goal setting, self and career exploration. Through learning by doing and critical reflection, students will develop cultural sensitivity, leadership skills, self-awareness, and become civically engaged global citizens.    

WOMS 010- Intro to Women's Studies 3.00 Units
Instructor: Milina Jovanovic
Reg ID: 101796                            Section: 201
Time: 12:15 PM- 01:35 PM          Room: VPA 105                                      

This course will explore women's and gender theories and the perspectives of women from different ethnicities, ages, social groups and social classes, along with contemporary definitions and values that affect women's livelihoods. Perspectives on cultural, ethnic, and gender similarities and differences will be examined. Issues and experiences affecting transgender, sexual orientation will be explored.

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