Safety Guidelines



  1. Obtain your agency's safety guidelines.
  2. Tell someone your destination and time of return.
  3. When in doubt, ask for help from your supervisor or another staff member.
  4. Request an alternate service if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with your current site.

Plan Ahead

  1. Plan for "what if's" (what if car breaks down, what if I can't find site address).
  2. Wear appropriate, easy to move in attire and sturdy shoes.
  3. Don't engage in activities beyond your scope of course work or service agreement.


  1. Drive carefully; EVC is not liable for risks involved in getting to and from your service site

What Not To Do

  1. DON'T give a client a ride in your personal vehicle.
  2. DON'T give or loan clients money or other personal belongings.
  3. DON'T share too much personal information (home address, phone, etc).
  4. DON'T tolerate talk or behavior of sexual nature.
  5. DON'T engage in any type of business with clients during the term of your service.
  6. DON'T enter into a personal relationship with a client during your term of service.


  1. Protect yourself: carry your own health insurance.
  2. Evergreen Valley College does not cover student injuries.

If Something Happens…

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Contact your agency supervisor if you are injured, and inform the Center for Service-Learning and Public Service as well as your instructor. ​


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