Successful SL Experience

  1. Manage Your Time

    • Start your service no later than the 3rd week of the semester.

    • Use a daily planner to keep track of all your appointments.

    • Find a location close to EVC, home, or work.

    • Allocate a minimum of 2 hours a week per semester.

  2. Be your Own Advocate

    • Talk to your site coordinator and other students to find out how to get to know people at your organization and any other questions you will have.

    • Be outgoing and say hello to people at your site. By showing genuine interest, you are more likely to form meaningful relationships.

    • Learn people's names, this is the first step to getting to know someone.

    • Be patient when getting to know your site's members. Relationships take time and effort.

  3. Set Goals for your Service Experience

    • Create a learning plan to map out what you hope to learn/accomplish through your Service-Learning experience.

    • Be specific with exactly what is to be accomplished, be it acquiring knowledge, gaining skills, and/or an adjustment in attitudes/values.

    • Schedule the accomplishment in a defined period of time.

    • Discuss your learning plan with your instructor and site supervisor.


Tiffany O'Brien

Program Assistant


Goggle Voice 408-780-0321

Marjorie Clark

Program Coordinator


Monday - Thursday

 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Acacia  Building A4-222

2nd Floor

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