International Service Learning

​​​​EVC International Service-Learning is designed to provide outstanding SJECC students who have participated in Service-Learning or community service with the opportunity to enhance their global and inter-cultural understanding while serving in marginalized communities in poor, underdeveloped countries. The initiative is rooted in theories of experiential education and social justice. Our primary objectives are to:

  • Provide students who traditionally do not receive opportunities for international travel, and who are “at-risk” from the effects of marginalization in education to participate in grassroots, hands-on learning.

  • Educate and motivate students through direct personal experience with disadvantaged, oppressed, and marginalized individuals in order to foster cross-cultural awareness, understanding, compassion, and respect for diverse cultural expressions, as well as an appreciated for global interconnectedness.

  • To apply what the students learned abroad to our local community. Each international trip is followed by a local community project, which is designed to put the new knowledge to use in our community.

  • To promote critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, moral reflection, and commitment to social justice.

Funding for this initiative is the result of dynamic partnership between students, the colleges and community.


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International SL TRIPS

El Salvador 2009 

Oaxaca 2005

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