Why Should You Come to EVC?

​​​​​Because you would like...

Because you would like...

  1. EVC ranks No.1 in California and No.2 among all public colleges in the U.S.A. when it comes to how much  its graduates are earning at the midpoint of their careers. (Per PayScale College Salary Report 2018-19).
  2. To save a lot of money on school tuition by following  2+2 Plan.
  3. To prepare for your career by pursuing an EVC degree.
  4. To get personal attention, help and support with each step on your educational path .
  5. see below :)

How to get  4-year Baccalaureate Degree?

​Path 1: (2+2 Plan) 2 years at Community College, transfer to University, 2 years at University (Junior and Senior)

Path 2: (4 Year University Plan) University: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior

2+2 Plan for Saving Money on School Tuition

#5 Look at what our students say...

Tajroop, Polytechnic Institute, Canada

Tajroop EVC International My time at EVC is unforgettable. The memories I made with my new friends, I will always carry with me. The laughs and smiles shared with each other is something I will cherish. Keep up the good work, and keep growing the group because it helped me and, I know, it will help others as well. The classes, teachers, students are amazing. And program staff made my experience easy. Leaving was hard, so I promise come back sometimes. I just want to thank each and every person that played a part in creating my great memories that will always stay in my heart.

Ramanjot, U.K.

Ramanjot, EVC International Student EVC is great school with excellent programs. The friends I made will come with me to my future, especially those who are interested in Engineering and Computer Science. 

Makhtob, Tajikistan

Makhtob, EVC International Student ​EVC has been an amazing experience for me. The International Program staff is so wonderful and kind. The classes and education I received in my double major studies (Biology/Chemistry) will help me to get into the top university of my choice. My plan is to transfer to San Jose State University for bachelor's degree, first. After that I'll get a medical degree from UC Davis or Stanford University. At EVC I got help with each aspect of my life as an international student :) Thank you, 

Michelle, SJSU

Michelle, Former International Student I have completed my degree at EVC and transferred to San Jose State University this year (Fall2015). I'm going to be a Biochemical Engineer! I'm glad that I decided to attend EVC first, it saved me a lot of money on school tuition. I'm very thankful to everybody at EVC who helped me! 

Leo, University of Florida

Leo, Former EVC International Student I like how diverse students and teachers here. I had great times and made a lot of friends at EVC.

Stanley, UC Davis

At EVC, we are all about our students and we take great pride in our approach to education and their success.International Student Program (ISP) ​Personnel​​

Our students trust us and we take that responsibility seriously.

We are here to help you

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