Refunds are not automatic! All requests for refunds must be filed by the student in writing and by deadlines published in the Academic Calendar. Students will be charged a $10 refund processing fee (per 58508 of the CA Education Code). 

General Refund Information

All Fees-No refunds of any type will be granted until all other financial obligations to the District have been satisfied. Refunds normally take 2 weeks after the deadline to process and are mailed directly to the student.

Students may choose to donate refunds to the Dist​rict Foundation for student scholarships or College support. Such donations are tax deductible.​

Textbooks-See the BOOKSTORE section of the schedule for refund policies on text books.​​

Parking Refunds - Spring 2020 Only

You can request the parking permit fee to be reimbursed at the rate of 50% of the fee paid no later than April 24, 2020. The reimbursement will be issued via check and mailed to your address on file. To request a parking permit reimbursement complete the EVC Parking Permit Refund Request Form link below by April 24, 2020.

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