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​​How Do I Register for Classes?

Enroll online using MyWeb at

To review how to register, watch our registration video:

The Class Schedule is completely online and shows the courses being offered for this academic session. ​

How to Read a Class Schedule:

In the Class Schedule, you will see the Subject (with an abbreviated heading, i.e. Psych for Psychology) followed by it's course number. 

Next, you will see the Course Title and Type of Credit or Units available for this course. 

Below, there is more information about the course: Registration ID number (5-digits), the Day and Time of the course, its Location and Instructor.

Additional icons (bullets, stars, etc.) will show the Types of Course Credit available: Mandatory or Optional credit / no-credit course, Letter-grade course, and Evening or Off-Campus Classes.​

The Admissions & Records Office is here for you, working virtually to help you with your registration needs.

Need a counseling appointment? Have a question for one of your instructors? Need help registering online for your courses? Watch this video or contact us. 

We are all here to help you succeed in completing your academic goals. Call us during business hours or email us anytime!


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M-Th 8:00A - 4:00P 

Fri 9:00A - 3:00P 

Phone: (408) 270-6441

Location: A&R Building

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fax #: (408) 223-9351 

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