Counseling Courses

​Fall 2020 ​​Counseling Courses

​COUNS-013-201 Career Planning  This course assists students with career/major selection. Students will identify personal interests, abilities, goals, values, and lifestyle preferences. Students will examine career trends and opportunities, employment outlook and the nature of today's workplace. Students will learn about personal and professional planning as it relates to careers through job search techniques, resume writing, interviewing, career building and realistic decision making.

COUNS-013-202   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104564
Instructor: William Sapigao

COUNS-013-202   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104565
Instructor: Patricia  Perkins

COUNS-013-203   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104566
Instructor: Maria Elena Saldana

COUNS-013-204   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104567
Instructor: Jose de Jesus Sanchez

COUNS-013-205   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104568
Instructor: Jose de Jesus Sanchez

COUNS-013-206   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 105107
Instructor: Mirella Burton

COUNS-013-207   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 105108
Instructor: Mirella Burton

COUNS-014-201  College Success This course surveys effective study skills and methods by contrasting ineffective study habits with techniques that maximize learning and memory. Emphasis is on promoting healthy changes in lifestyle that manage stress, improve health and overall well-being. Techniques to change behavior such as setting goals, managing time, increasing concentration, and controlling procrastination are practiced. Lecture topics include effective listening and note-taking skills, textbook reading, marking and vocabulary systems, memory strategies, and research paper methods using library resources. This course orientates students to transition to college course expectations and procedures.

COUNS-014-201   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104569
Instructor: Caritha Anderson

COUNS-014-202   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104570
Instructor: Andrea Mena

COUNS-014-203   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104571
Instructor: Caritha Anderson

COUNS-014-204   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104573
Instructor: Christine Senter

COUNS-014-205   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104574
Instructor: Christine Senter

COUNS-014-206   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104575
Instructor: Hanh Deng

COUNS-014-207   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 104577
Instructor: Elaine Kristich Ortiz

COUNS-014-208   3 units
Online: Reg ID: 105109
Instructor: TBA


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