CA Promise Grant Info

If you have already been awarded or if you are going to apply, here is important information you will need to know about your CA Promise Grant (CPG):

  • CA Promise Grant will only waive the total charge of your enrollment. Enrollment fees are the total charge of your units. Units are $46 per unit. You are responsible for all other fees charged to your account. For more information about fees please visit here.
  • CA Promise Grant will appear on your award letter as a Resource and is not money you will receive as a Financial Aid refund.
  • CA Promise Grant also allows you to receive a $20 discount towards the cost of your parking. You can purchase your parking permit on here.
  • CA Promise Grant eligibility can be lost if your Academic Standings fall below eligibility guidelines. Visit here for more information.
  • CA Promise Grant award may allow you to request a refund from Admissions & Records if you already paid for your cost per unit(s). Please refer here for instructions and deadline information.
  • CA Promise Grant can be renewed every year with your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application. If you choose not to fill out a FAFSA or CA Dream application the CA Promise Grant online application is made available prior to registration for the upcoming school year.




If you submitted a FAFSA or CA Dream Act application and listed EVC as one of the schools you will attend, a separate Financial Aid Status e-mail will be sent to you, please look out for it. Remember to always update your mailing address, email address and phone number with the Admissions and Records Office or on MyWeb.

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