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​Student life at EVC has something for everyone! Below is a list of our active student organizations. Check them out and get involved! Interested in starting your own student organization? Use the forms found underneath the Club Info section to gain information on the process or contact the Office of Student Life​.​​​



President: Charina Tengson
Meetings Held: Tuesdays at 3:30pm in service learning

Club Advisor: Marjorie Clark


Art & Design Organization (Art Club)​

President: Lauren Dart
Meetings Held: 

Club Advisor: Rachel Lazo & Jackie Baxton


Black Student Union

President: Tiamatha Thomas
Meetings Held: Fridays at 10:00am in AFFIRM Office

Club Advisor: Sean Dickerson & Egbert Higini0

Email: ​

Elizabeth Nava History Club

President: Saul Varela
Meetings Held: Fridays at 10:00am Fridays inside of the J.E.W.E.L Office

Club Advisor: Harvey Gipson 

Email: ​ n/a

ENLANCE Student Association

President: Zulma Burgos-Arce
​Meetings Held: Every other Wednesday @ 2:45pm in AE-142

Club Advisor:  Frank Espinoza & Mayra Garcia

Email: ​​

Evergreen Nursing Student Association (ENSA)

President: ​Andee Gayle Villadelgado​ ​Meetings Held: every other Monday at 3:00pm in S201

Club Advisor: Sue Wetzel & Adrienne Burns


E​VC computer science Club

President: Alan Luu
Meetings Held: N/A

Club Advisor: Henry Estrada & Kathy Jenson 

Email: N/A​

Honors Club

President: Nisha Agarwal​​
Meetings Held: Fridays at 2:15pm in Roble 206
Club Advisor: David Hendricks

International Students Association (ISA)

President: Minh Phan
​Meetings Held: Tuesdays​ at 2:30 in the International Student Office​

Club Advisor: Alla Markevich & Tina Iniguez


Jazz Club

President: Stephan Heffner​
Meetings Held:Thursdays at 1:00pm inside of Gullo I-206

Club Advisor: Maryam Farshadfar


Journalism Club

President: John Paul K. Amoral
​​Meetings Held: Mondays at 3:30pm in EVC Library

Club Adviso​r:  Huma Saleem


Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)​

President:Joshua Marquez
Meetings Held: Thursdays at 4:30 in AE-142
Advisor: Al Gonzalez​ & Shanna Erickson

​​The mission of SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native Americans in Science) at Evergreen Valley College is to guide students in attaining an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics for the purpose of sharing wisdom to​ ​​​the community.​​​​

Veterans Club​ ​

President:  Antonio Perez
​Meetings Held: Tuesdays at 2:00pm inside the Veterans Center

Club Advisor:  Andrea Mena, Eric Narveson, Tammara Chavez

​ Email: ​

​Clubs in Process of Being Chartered

  • Muslim Student Association
  • The John Cena Club (Children Hospital Volunteering)
  • DSPS Awareness and Ally Club

​​​Contact Info:

Phone: (408) 274-7900 X6694

​​Room: G2-103 

Evergreen College Campus  

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Club ​Chartering Packet​

Club Constitution​ Template​​​

Event Planning Guide

Journalism Club Newspaper

December 2017 Issue: Messenger​

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