CSU Transfer Guarantee (ADT & CSUEB TAG)

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 Cal State East Bay TAG program 

Student must meet with one of our EVC Counbselors to submit their CSU TAG. 

This Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) provides an opportunity for guaranteed admission to Cal State East Bay for students transferring from Evergreen Valley College. Admission to Cal State East Bay will be guaranteed to students who:

 -Apply for admission within the priority filing period - Interested students must apply to Cal State East Bay via calstate.edu/apply during the published fall filing period typically from October 1 - November 30 for the fall term and August 1 - August 30 for the spring term. 

-Complete all admission requirements no later than the approved semester - All requirements must be met by the end of the spring prior to the admitted fall semester (e.g. spring 2021 for fall 2021 applicants) and the previous summer for spring semester (e.g. summer 2021 for spring 2022 applicants) 

--The majority of student's coursework must have been completed at the EVC-SJCC Community College district. 

Must complete Golden Four The Golden 4 requirement: 

 Oral Communication (A1)

Written Communication (A2)

Critical Thinking (A3)

Quantitative Reasoning (B4). 

--All courses used to fulfill these requirements must be at least 3 semester units or 4 quarter units and with C- or better grades. The Golden 4 requirement is also referred to as the Basic Subjects requirement. It is recommended that students complete these requirements early in their careers. 

--Grade Point Average (GPA) A minimum of 2.0 GPA is required for Evergreen Valley College students. Only transferable courses will be calculated in the GPA. Nontransferable courses are considered nonbaccalaureate level and are not factored into the GPA calculation process. 

--Unit Complete a minimum of 60 transferable semester units. Non-transferable courses are considered non-baccalaureate level and are not factored into the unit calculation. 

--Consult with your community college counselor to ensure that the courses intended to use to transfer are transferable. General Education Courses It is highly recommended that CCC students complete the 39 lower-division GE units while attending a CCC campus prior to transfer to the CSU. 

--The Transfer Admission Guarantee DOES NOT apply to Nursing and Music major applicants. The Transfer Admission Guarantee ensures that students who meet all requirements listed above will be admitted to Cal State East Bay. The TAG may be revoked in the rare instances where students final transcripts reflect that not all requirements were met. 

AS-T & AA-T Transfer Guarantee

(23 California State Universities) 


Find Similar Degree Programs

To transfer with an ADT to the CSU and be given priority admission, you need to choose a degree program at the CSU that's similar to what you studied at community college. 

Look for Similar Degree Programs

If you're already enrolled at a California Community College or thinking of applying to one, visit the college's transfer center or talk to a counselor to explore available AA-T and AS-T degrees and develop a plan that will allow you to transfer to the CSU as part of the ADT program

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) student applying to the CSU and you are a California resident for tuition purposes, CSU-eligible and have not been admitted to any CSU to which you applied, there is the chance that the campus(es) you applied to don't have the capacity to admit more students.

If this happens, you will be redirected to an alternate CSU campus. This is called redirection.

Applications who have been accepted to at least one CSU campus will not be redirected.

Redirection occurs after all campuses report their admission decisions for a given semester to Cal State Apply. For spring admission, this will be after November 1.

Eligible applicants who have not been admitted to any CSU campus(es) to which they applied because of a lack of capacity are then identified. Each student will then be contacted by email; the email will include instructions. When you receive the email, you will need to go to Cal State Apply and in the Supporting Information section under Redirection select a first- and a second-choice campus. Available alternate campuses are based on campus capacity.

After you have identified a first- and a second-choice campus, your application to the CSU will be redirected to your first-choice campus unless that campus has run out of capacity. To ensure your application is redirected to your first-choice campus, respond to the email as quickly as possible.

You will be sent a notification by email confirming the redirection.

The campus you've been redirected to will appear in your Cal State Apply account on the "Check Status" page. You will next be contacted by the redirected campus about the next steps in the process. Read the FAQ to find answers to common questions.

ASSOCIATE DEGREE FOR TRANSFER (ADT's) A guaranteed admission to a CSU which provides a GPA bump when applying to an impacted campus. Speak to a EVC counselor today!

Start at a Community College, transfer to a CSU (California State University), get a degree and live your dream future! Visit A Degree with a Guarantee


·       Anthropology

·       Child & Adolescent Development

·       Communication Studies

·       Economics

·       English

·       History

·       Kinesiology

·       Music

·       Psychology

·       Social Justice Studies-African American Studies 

·       Social Justice Studies-Asian American Studies

·       Social Justice Studies-Chicano Studies

·       Social Justice Studies-Ethnic Studies

·       Studio Arts


·       Administration of Justice

·       Biology

·       Business Administration

·       Chemistry

·       Math 

·       Nutrition and Dietetics

·       Physics

For more information on EVC's Associate Degrees for Transfer, please visit theCollege Catalogpage. An ADT is a transfer degree offered at California Community Colleges which offers a student who also meets the CSU minimum eligibility requirements, guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major. Once admitted and enrolled, a student can complete his or her bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60 units. It is important to meet with a counselor to find out if this degree is appropriate for you and to make sure that you are following the right pathway.

CSU Redirection with ADT 

Student will have 35 days to respond to redirection opportunity to the campus they selected on Cal State, If student does not respond, they will be redirected to the next available CSU.  Redirection is based on campuses available. Student will receive an email. Once student select interest in redirection, application is moved to redirection at not additional fee. Will get a notice immediately saying application was redirected. Student is deemed CSU Eligible, and campus redirected will do a quick evaluation. They can only redirect to either their first or second choice campus. Only for students who applied and were not admitted to a campus they applied to were fully impacted and didn’t get a spot, they are eligible for redirection through ADT.

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