Code of Ethics

​​The Evergreen Valley College Code of Ethics was developed with input from representatives of each constituent group at Evergreen Valley College including faculty, staff and management. Inherent in this code is the belief that each employee and student has the right to dignity and respect.

We, the employees of Evergreen Valley College, agree to act in a responsible and ethical manner in the workplace, and by acting in a way that encourages our peers, students, and colleagues to do the same.

We support the following principles:

    • To work in a professional manner with a mutual respect for individual differences.
    • To maintain an open dialogue on issues while respecting differing opinions of colleagues and students alike.
    • To be open and honest in dealing with students and colleagues and understand the value of having positive collegial relationships.
    • That our collective responsibility is to create a positive environment that fosters respect for others and their cultural contributions, and to respect the academic curiosity of our students, colleagues and staff at Evergreen Valley College.
    • This document nor the beliefs herein represented in no way limit the rights or duties of the employees of Evergreen Valley College as provided for by Code, Law, Board Policy, Procedure, or by contract.
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