Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment


The purpose of the Student Learning Outcome Assessment Committee (SLOAC) is to oversee and guide the college process for writing/incorporating S​LOs and assessment across the curriculum and programs. The committee shapes the college's approach to assessment by providing a common assessment language through SLO Assessment Plans and the standardized assessment reporting templates.  The committee strives to support a campus culture of assessment by encouraging assessment dialogue and sharing best practices to improve student learning and integrate results into college planning.​ Committee Charge

​​ SLO A​ssessment Plans – minimum req​​uirements​​ SLO Assessment Templates
Instructional Courses and Progra​​​ms
CTE courses and programs
Student Services​​
GE/ILO's Defined​
Course level SLO Assessment Matrix
Program Level SLO Assessment Matrix 
Student Services SLO Assessment Matrix
Service Areas Outcome Assessment Matrix​​
​​SLO Assessment​ Ongoing

Step by Step Guide for completing:

SLO Assessment All Stars

SLO Handbook Fall 2017


  1. Resources to complete EVC Course SLO Assessment Matrix Video
    1. PC
    2. Mac
  1. Resources to complete EVC Program SLO Assessment Matrix Video
    1. SLO Assessment and Rubrics
      1. Rubrics
      2. Ability to represent information in multiple ways
      3. Ability to communicate scientific ideas
      4. Example of a Rubric and its use for improvement
      5. Constructing Grading Rubrics
      6. Ability to collect and analyze experimental data
      7. A Sample Rubric: The Critical Thinking Rubric
    2. Presentations
      1. March 2012 PDD SLO Assessment Presentation
      2. March 2012 PDD SLO Assessment Cycle - Instructional Breakout Session
      3. Post PDD session 3: Data Analysis video
      4. Academic Senate Resolution on Curriculum Revision/SLO
      5. New or Revised Course Proposal Form including SLO
      6. SLO Assessment Update PDD 8-30-12
      7. PLO Assessment PDD Presentation
      8. SLO Assessment and Program Review Presentation - 11/14/12
      9. Spring PDD, April 12, 2013
    3. National Best Practices for Assessment​



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