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​​Establi​shed: 1975
The purpose of the College Curriculum Committee is to review, approve, and recommend additions, deletions and changes to the curriculum of the college. Specifically, this committee will:

    • Review, approve and recommend additions, deletions and changes to the curriculum of the college.

    • Articulate and coordinate curriculum matters with San Jose City College, UC, CSU, and other appropriate entities.

    • Review, approve and recommend new programs and instructional requirements for students.

Recommendations Forwarded to

    • Academic Senate


    • Administration: - Two Appointed by the College President
    • Associated Students: – Two
    • Classified: - Two—
      • Schedules and Catalog Technician (part of job responsibility)

      • Articulation Specialist (part of job responsibility)

    • Faculty: – 8 (one faculty from each division as determined by the Academic Senate)
      • Business & Workforce Development
      • Counseling & Matriculation
      • Language Arts
      • Library and Learning Resources
      • Math, Science, & Engineering
      • Nursing & Allied Health
      • Social Science, Humanities, Arts & P.E.
      • At-Large (elected by the Academic Senate)
      • Articulation Officer (part of job responsibility)
    • Ex Officio: Vice President, Academic Affairs


    • Chair elected by the Academic Senate for a two-year term, 40% faculty reassigned time.


    • All members are elected/appointed for one year, renewable by appropriate constituent group.


    • 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month, 2:30-4:30 pm


    • Members have a one-year term, renewable by appropriate constituent group. The committee may elect to enforce the three consecutive unexcused absences as a term of vacancy but must make reasonable attempts to contact the member prior to announcing the vacancy to the appropriate constituency.


​Contact Info:

Chair: Eric Narveson



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