College Budget


Established: 1993

2000-01, Suspended by College Council
2001-03, Responsibility assigned to College Council
2003-04, Re-established by College Council and College President


The purpose of the College Budget Committee is to be an advisory body to the College President on process, procedures, and development of the college budget.  Specifically, the committee is charged to:

    • Learn the elements of the budget and review Governing Board and District priorities.
    • Recommend college budget priorities and a campus budget development process.
    • Make recommendations to the College Council for the allocation of funding and/or budget reductions.

Disseminate accurate and timely budget information to the college community.

Recommendations Forwarded to

College Cou​ncil


To be se​lected from among the committee members


All members are ​elected/appointed for one year, renewable by appropriate constituent group.


2nd​ and 4th Wednesday of each month, 3:00-5:00pm


Open to any interested member of the college community.​


  • Administration: - 4 (at least 1 Instruction and 1 Student Services)

  • Associated Students: – 3

  • Classified: – 4

  • Faculty: – 8 (one faculty from each division as determined by the Academic Senate)

    • Business & Workforce Development

    • Counseling & Matriculation

    • Language Arts

    • Library and Learning Resources

    • Math, Science, & Engineering

    • Nursing & Allied Health

    • Social Science, Humanities, Arts, & PE

    • At-Large (elected by the Academic Senate)

  • Ex Officio: (non-voting resource people)

    • Vice President, Administrative Services

    • Budget Operations Supervisor

​ ​



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