High School Students

High School Student Registration Process

New and returning high school students must complete the following steps to register for classes:

  1. Apply for admission to EVC via cccapply
  2. Submit a Special Admit Form  and official high school transcripts, complete with all the signatures to Admissions and Records at EVCAR@evc.edu
  3. All high school students will register via MYWEB

Important Things to Remember when Applying & Registering:

    • It is recommended that students provide their Social Security # when applying online, to expedite the application process.
        • If student has no Social Security #, please apply on the paper application and submit to EVCAR@evc.edu.
    • Students can only register for the courses the HS approved on the Special Admit Form.
    • Students may enroll in 7 units or less in summer.
    • For the regular term (fall and spring) students may register for 11 units or less.
    • HS students are not permitted to enroll in PE courses or remedial Math & English courses (300 level).
    • Students must provide unofficial HS transcript and clear prerequisites with an EVC Counselor if enrolling in Math, English, Science or COMSC courses.
    • Please be sure to print or take a photo of the class schedule once registered.

‚ÄčAdmissions & Records

Remote Phone Hours:

M-Th 8:00A - 4:00P 

Fri 8:00A - 3:00P 

Phone: (408) 270-6441

Location: A&R Building

Available Email:


fax #: (408) 223-9351 





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