In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our efforts to ensure your safety all Counseling services are now offered via ZOOM video conferencing or by telephone until further notice.

How To Prepare For Your Counseling Appointment

  • All students must have an EVC student ID number to schedule an appointment.
  • Check in 10 minutes before your schedule Zoom appointment to deal with any technology problems that might arise and to wait for counselor in waiting room. Students that are more than 10 minutes late will need to reschedule.
  • Bring transcripts from other colleges, test scores, educational plan(s), and any other academic records you may have that pertain to what you plan to discuss to share with Counselor on Zoom.
  • Determine the purpose of your appointment and whether you need a 30 minutes or 60 minutes appointment. We recommend that you prepare a list of questions you want to ask your counselor.
  • Review transfer information​​​​​​ if you plan to transfer  and AA/AS & Certificate requirements.

30 Minute Appointments 

  • Certificate Petition: Submit petition by stated deadline
  • Class Problems: Student/teacher issues, add/drop a class
  • Class Schedule: Plan classes for the upcoming semester for student first or second semester at EVC.  Continuing students must schedule a one-hour Comprehensive Ed Plan appointment.
  • Course Repeat: Petition to repeat a course(s) taken at SJECCD for second or third time. 
  • Excess Units: Request permission to exceed units for fall and spring semesters only. 
  • Exemption Criteria Waiver Form: Waiver of Assessment, Orientation and Education Planning
  • Follow-Up Ed Plan: Update existing Ed Plan. New major requires 1-hour appointment.
  • Follow-Up Probation/Dismissal: Monitor student's progress with same counselor
  • Follow-Up Transfer: Appointment with original counselor for Transfer related questions.
  • Review Academic Progress: Determine length of time and courses to complete educational goal with same counselor.
  • Study Skills: Identify notetaking, test-taking and time management strategies and tips.
60 Minute Appointments
  • Academic Probation/Academic Dismissal: Discuss strategies for improving academic standing
  • Career Exploration: Identify careers options and tools
  • Comprehensive Ed Plan: Develop 2-year plan for educational goal. Veterans and CalWorks students, must meet with Veterans or CalWorks counselor.
  • Change Ed Plan: Create Ed plan for a new major or educational goal
  • In-Progress Prerequisite Verification: Petition to enroll in EVC course while prerequisite requirements are in progress at another college. 
  • Financial Aid Max Units Petition: FA denied, certificate/degree petition or Ed Plan needed
  • Graduation Petition: Submit AA/AS or AA-T/AS-T degree by the stated deadline
  • Letters of Recommendation: For scholarships and college admissions only
  • Personal Counseling: Discuss issues affecting student success
  • Progress Probation/Progress Dismissal: Received notice due to 50% or more with "NP", "W", "FW" & "I"
  • Review UC TAG Application: Must complete UC Transfer Admission Planner prior to appointment.
  • Transcript Evaluation: Verify that classes taken at another college will be accepted by EVC. Request official recommendation from Admissions and Records
  • Transfer Planning: Review major and General Education transfer requirements.
  • Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition:  Petition to remove course(s) from official EV transcript. 

To Schedule Counseling Appointments 

Students are not assigned to specific counselors. If you are not in a Special Program, you may select any General Counselors
to work with during their stay at EVC. We strongly recommend that you select one counselors. Students in Special Programs
should contact their programs directly at the telephone numbers below:

• AFFIRM Program: 408-274-7900, ext. 6853
• ASPIRE Program: 408-274-7900, ext. 6227
• CalWORKS: 408-274-7900, ext. 6589
• DSP (Disabilities Support Program): 408-270-6447
• Enlace Program: 408-274-7900, ext. 6598
• EOPS/CARE: 408-270-6455
• Equity Plus (including Probation/Dismissal): 408-274-7900, ext. 6547 
• International Students Program:  408-223-6740
• OASISS: 408-274-7900, ext. 6079
• Veterans Freedom Center: 408-223-6789
• YESS Program (Foster Youth): 408-274-7900, ext. 6547

 Remote Appointment

You may also call the Counseling Center at 408-270-6475 to schedule counseling appointments.
Cancelation/No Show Policy: We require 24 hours notice prior to your appointment. You may cancel your scheduled appointment on eSARS On-Line Appointments or by calling the Counseling Center at 408-270-6475​. Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late, you may be required to reschedule.

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