Counseling Courses

​​Counseling Courses

​COUNS-013    Career Planning  (3 units)

This course assists students with career/major selection. Students will identify personal interests, abilities, goals, values, and lifestyle preferences. Students will examine career trends and opportunities, employment outlook and the nature of today's workplace. Students will learn about personal and professional planning as it relates to careers through job search techniques, resume writing, interviewing, career building and realistic decision making.

COUNS-014    College Success    (3 units)

This course surveys effective study skills and methods by contrasting ineffective study habits with techniques that maximize learning and memory. Emphasis is on promoting healthy changes in lifestyle that manage stress, improve health and overall well-being. Techniques to change behavior such as setting goals, managing time, increasing concentration, and controlling procrastination are practiced. Lecture topics include effective listening and note-taking skills, textbook reading, marking and vocabulary systems, memory strategies, and research paper methods using library resources. This course orientates students to transition to college course expectations and procedures.

COUNS-015     Blueprint for Success    (1 unit)

This course is designed to develop students' personal effectiveness in school and in life. Students will explore and clarify their belief systems, values, and attitudes; identify personal strengths and weaknesses; examine and identify psychological and societal barriers; and overcome obstacles to success through mental strategies and techniques such as time and stress management, study techniques and goal setting.

COUNS-016     Career Self-Assessment   (1 unit)

Students will identify personal qualities and skills useful in selecting possible career paths. Using inventories and exercises of self-assessment, students will gather information about their abilities, aptitudes, interests, goals, lifestyle preferences, personality and values, and relate these qualities and skills to the world of work. Students will identify personal and workplace stereotypes and barriers that act as impediments to career selection and career exploration.

COUNS-017    Transfer to Four Year Institution Simplified     (1 unit)

This course assists students through their active participation in all aspects of transfer to a 4-year public or private institution. Major topics include selecting a transfer college or university, choosing a major, examining lower division major and general education requirements, reviewing admission procedures, identifying application deadlines, exploring financial aid and scholarship options, and completing the transfer application.​

COUNS-018     Planning ad Educational Future: EVC to SJSU    (1 unit)

This course is designed to assist students who have applied to San José State with their transition from EVC to San José State University. Students will actively plan the steps for this transition. Students will tour the SJSU campus, become aware of its various academic and non-academic resources and meet with faculty and staff from SJSU. Students will do basic career/major exploration, learn about California's higher education system, and prepare educational plans.​

Couns-193 New Student Orientation

Students will acquaint themselves with college and university requirements, educational alternatives, and strategies for academic success. This will include an orientation to college programs, services, policies and facilities. Students will apply assessment test results, develop an individualized education plan and class schedule, and/or enroll in first semester classes.

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