Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be a full-time student in order to receive financial aid? 
No, you do not have to be full-time to receive financial aid.

Do I need to redo my FAFSA every semester? 
No. If you are interested in receiving federal aid, A FAFSA needs only to be submitted once every academic school year.

I am taking classes at two colleges. Can I get financial aid at both schools? 
A student is able to receive a BOG Fee Waiver at more than one community college, but cannot receive financial aid from more than one institution at a time.

I’m disqualified for financial aid. How do I get it again? 
You must either submit an Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement or Re-establish Financial Aid Eligibility. Further information can be found  on the Satisfactory Academic Progress page .

I live on my own and pay my own bills, how come I am considered "Dependent"? 
The FAFSA has different requirements for what constitutes a "dependent" or "independent" student. Students do not declare their dependency status. We may be able to override your dependency status if unusual circumstances exist that make it impossible for you to have contact with your parents.

How do I get an award letter? 
Award letters are available via MyWeb ( under the financial aid tab.

How much can I make and still get financial aid? 
There is no simple answer to this question, because multiple factors (other than income) are looked at when determining financial aid eligibility.

How do I know what documents financial aid will need to process my application?
A Financial Aid Status email will be sent to you. Please keep your address current at the Admissions and Records Office.

What is a CA Promise Grant (formerly known as BOG Fee Waiver) ? 

For eligible California residents, the CA Promise Grant  permits enrollment fees to be waived.

How do remedial courses affect financial aid?

Per the federal regulations, an eligible student can receive aid for remedial courses for one academic year.

How do ESL courses affect financial aid?

Per the federal regulations, ESL courses must be a part of an eligible program in order to be eligible for financial aid (required to complete academic plan).

Students who start at the lowest ESL level will exhaust their federal grant eligibility before completing their goal, if they are not properly guided. 

How do the pell lifetime limits impact EVC students?

  • Students have 6 fulltime years of PELL grant eligibility. All aid received previously is counted toward the 600% limit.
  • Students who have a goal to transfer, are advised to save at least 2.5 – 3 years of their eligibility.
  • All students who have used 300% (3 years) of their eligibility must submit a Comprehensive Educational Plan into the FA office in order to complete their FA file. Students will only receive aid for courses listed on their educational plan submitted into the FA Office.
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