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Non-Credit Pathways to College & Future Careers

Non-Credit Education courses are designed for students who wish to advance their educational and career goals. Non-Credit Courses are FREE with no prerequisites. Learning is contextualized and meaningful.   

Our Non-Credit Bridge to Career Pathways serve as as a Gateway into credit certificate and degree programs that lead to entry level employment.

Benefits of Non-Credit Education

  • FREE to all students - No Tuition, No Parking Fee

  • No Cost for Textbooks 

  • Flexible Scheduling - Evening and Saturday Classes Available

  • No Grades or Units - Focus on Skills Attainment

Services We Offer

Assistance with:

  • Career Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Transitions to Credit Programs and Employment
  • Course Registration
  • Tutoring
  • Printing
  • Textbooks
  • Parking Permits

3 Easy Steps to Enroll - ​Application

1. Click on the link to print the  Non-Credit Application 2. Fill out the required information

3. Submit form ​​to EVC Student Services Center SC-110  -or- to the Transition Specialist at your local Adult School

For More Information Contact:

           Gina Riccitelli, Transition Specialist


EVC Non-credit Pathways

Our Non-Credit Bridge to Career Pathways and Support Services increase access for students from diverse backgrounds and those with the goal  to improve their earning power, literacy skills and access to higher education.

For many, particularly those from historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, it is the First Point of Entry into college.

Engineering - Enroll Now!

  • ENGR 500 Introduction to Engineering

Surveying/Geomatics - Enroll Now!

  • SG 500 Introduc​​​tion to Surveying & Geomatics           

Automotive - Enroll Now!

  • Auto 500 Math for Automotive Technology   

  • Auto 501 Basic Terminology in Automotive Technology  

ESL - Enroll Now!

  • ESL 502 Basic ESL Skills 1

  • ESL 504 Basic ESL Skills 2

  • ESL 506 Intro to Citizenship

  • ESL 514 Healthy Life Encounters

  • ESL 516 Advanced Citizenship

  • ESL 523 English for Job Searching

  • ESL 524 Cultural Encounters

English - Enroll Now!

  • ENGL 500 Sentence/Paragraph Development

​South Bay Consortium for Adult Education (SBCAE)

The SBCAE is a collaboration of two Community College Districts (SJECCD and WVMCCD) and five adult schools.  This collaboration is the third largest AB86 Consortium in the state and in 2013-14 served a total of 44,574 adult learners in the five Program Areas defined by AB86.

The SBCAE Vision is to ensure that there is "No Wrong Door" for South Bay adults who wish to advance their educational and career goals, and that all residents can meet their goals regardless of income, prior education and personal circumstances.


 Teneka Cornish

Teneka Cornish
Staff Assistant
(408) 274-7900 x 6547


Gina Riccitelli
Transition Specialist
(408) 918-5142


Kim Nguyen

Non-Credit Counselor

(408) 274-7900 x 6530


Nasreen Rahim
Faculty Coordinator
(408) 274-7900 x 6246


 Visit us in Student Services Center SC 110 to Learn more about FREE courses!

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