CSU Admission Minimum Requirements

UC minimum requirements

UC Transfer Minimum Requirements

Complete a minimum of 60 transferable units, which includes general education, major preparation, and electives.

Complete the "Big Three" as soon as possible with a "C" or better

2 transferable English Composition courses

1 transferable course in Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning

Complete major preparation coursework. The UC gives high priority to students who are academically prepared.

Visithttp://www.assist.org for more information on major prep work.

Complete a minimum of 4 transferable GE courses from at least 2 of the following IGETC categories.

Area 3 Arts and Humanities

Area 4 Social and Behavioral Science

Area 5 Physical and Biological Science

Note: Not all UC campuses or majors accept IGETC. Read IGETC information on the Quick Links on the right side of this page. Please see a counselor for appropriate course selection.

To be eligible to apply, a minimum GPA of 2.4 is required. However, certain majors and campuses require a higher GPA. See a counselor for more details.

The Evergreen Valley College Transfer Center offers services and resources to help students make informative transfer decisions to facilitate a smoother transition to a university.

Six Transfer Steps For Success

Step1: Declare a Major

 If you are undecided on a major, we can help you select a major that is right for you! Make an appointment with a counselor today. To research majors,click here for the Eureka link.

Step 2: Choose A Degree

EVC offers 11 Associate Degree for Transfers (ADTs) which offer a guaranteed admission to a CSU. See list below. Is common for a select few to transfer without an ADT. Consult with your EVC Counselor. 

Step 3: Select a University 

Compare all nine UC Campuses.  Explore UC profiles.. If you do not know which UC you will attend, you can choose your major and courses that goes to all UCs offering that major by clicking on the UC Transfer Pathways link here

Step 4: Create a Transfer Plan

Once you decide on a major and select a university, schedule an appointment with any counselor to discuss transfer requirements, and develop a transfer plan. For more information,visit the ASSIST website here.

Step 5: Apply to Transfer

Students apply to a University one year in advance when they have completed 30 Transferable units. Read UC Admissions Application & Transfer Requirements below. If you are applying to a University of California read the Personal Insight Questions information on the Quick Links on the right side of this page.

Step 6: After Applying to a University

After applying to a University, research Transfer checklists. Attend a UC Next Steps Workshop

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